Dean of the College  William L. Machmer

    Selected Records Related to Women's Affairs at Massachusetts Agricultural College, Massachusetts State College, and the University of Massachusetts:    1924  -  1951

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Selected folders containing correspondence, reports, and minutes related to William L. Machmer's work as academic administrator responsible for monitoring the activities of department heads and deans of schools, and developing policies relating to social life on campus at the Massachusetts Agricultural College (MAC), Massachusetts State College, and the University of Massachusetts.  The collection includes memoranda and printed material from the Dean's file, Skinner, Edna L. [Head of Department (1924); then Head of the Division (1930) of Home Economics], pertaining to student housing for women and the home economics education curriculum at MAC, and nationally.  The larger half of the material comes from the file, Student Life, which comprises guidelines and regulations for student conduct and social events, and selected minutes and reports from the Faculty Committee on Student Life. 

Biographical Note:

William L. Machmer joined the faculty of the Massachusetts Agricultural College as an instructor of mathematics in September 1911, having received his A.M. degree from Franklin & Marshall College earlier that year.  After several years on leave to the U.S. Department of Agriculture near the end of World War I, he return to MAC in 1920.  For several years thereafter, he served at various times as Assistant Dean, then Acting Dean of the School, as well as the Assistant Registrar.  During academic year 1926-27, he became Dean of the School and continued in this position until 1953.

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view folder inventory 10/13 Housing for Women
Statement from the President's Office reporting on the actions taken by the Advisory Council of Women at their 13th Conference regarding housing for women. See also folder 15/1 [pamphlet] - "What Can A Woman Do?"
1933 May 19
view folder inventory 15/1 Skinner, Edna L.           [itemized inventory] 1924 May 9   to  1934 March 1
view folder inventory 15/12 Student Health Service
Memo by Assistant Registrar, Donald W. Cadigan, regarding housing and health care services for veterans, their wives, and families.
1946 Dec. 17
view folder inventory 15/13 Student Life                    [complete folder, indexed by year] 1930 April 23   to
1951 March 15

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