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Adeline E. Hicks Papers, 1917-1987

Women's Physical Education; early exponent of modern dance as part of P.E. curriculum

Lesson-plan photographs illustrating instruction in modern dance given by Hicks at the University of Massachusetts from 1917 to 1937; brief biographical items, the text of an address, a history of physical education for women at Massachusetts State College written by Hicks in 1936, and printed programs for performances of musical scores composed by Hicks in the 1960s and 1970s at the University of Arizona.  [Manuscript musical scores are also included in the collection but are not available online.]

Edna L. Skinner Papers, 1930-1997

Head, Division of Home Economics; Advisor of Women, 1919-1946

Four items of printed material, including a pamphlet describing the Home Economics Program at M.A.C., 1930; a 1934 newspaper article featuring Skinner on the importance of home economics training for women; a 1988 exhibition program celebrating her life and work; and retrospectives on Skinner published in UMASS magazine, 1997. 

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