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Folder 1: Programs, 1921-1962
Unless noted otherwise, programs are for biannual Advisory Council meetings.

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Folder 2: Minutes, 1921-1940
view document Memo: Edna Skinner to Miss Jefferson, re: suggested list for Advisory Council 1921 April 14
view document Initial Conference 1921 April 29
view document Second Conference 1921 Oct. 28
view document Third Semi-Annual Meeting 1922 May 15
view document TLS, President Kenyon Butterfield to Lorian P. Jefferson, re: Oct. 21 meeting 1922 Oct. 5
view document Scholarships for 1922-23, M.A.C. 1922 Sept. 22
view document Fourth Conference 1922 Oct. 21
view document Correspondence and associated documents of President Kenyon Butterfield and Council, re: various questions related to women's work 1922-23
view document TLS, President Kenyon Butterfield to Council, re: spring meeting 1923 May 11
view document Fifth Conference 1923 Oct. 20
view document Sixth Conference 1924 Oct. 17-18
view document Special Conference 1924 Nov. 21
view document Seventh Conference 1925 Nov. 6
view document Eighth Conference 1926 Nov. 30
view document Special Meeting 1927 June 24
view document Ninth Conference 1927 Oct. 28
view document Tenth Conference 1928 Nov. 17
view document Eleventh Conference 1929 Oct. 4
view document Twelfth Conference 1931 Oct. 17
view documentancillary document Thirteenth Conference
Ancillary document: pamphlet, "Women Students and Alumnae: What Can A Woman Do?" (re: current status of women students at MSC, prepared for 13th ACW Conference)
1933 May 19
view document Fourteenth Conference 1933 Oct. 7
view document Fifteenth Conference 1934 March 1
view document Sixteenth Conference 1934 Oct. 30
view document Seventeenth Conference 1935 Nov. 6
view document Eighteenth Conference 1936 Oct. 23
view document Nineteenth Conference 1937 Feb. 10
view document Twentieth Conference 1938 March 28
view document Twenty-first Conference 1938 Nov. 17
view document Twenty-second Conference 1939 April 21
view document Twenty-third Conference 1939 Nov. 2
view document Twenty-fourth Conference 1940 May 8
view document Twenty-fifth Conference 1940 Nov. 14
view document Commitee of Ten meeting 1940 Dec. 11
Folder 3: Minutes, 1941-1962
view document Twenty-sixth Conference 1941 March 7
view document Twenty-seventh Conference 1941 Oct. 31
view document Twenty-eighth Conference 1942 April 28
view document Twenty-ninth Conference  1943 March 30
view document Thirtieth Conference 1944 April 20
view document Thirty-first Conference 1945 April 18
view document Thirty-second Conference 1946 April 25
view document Thirty-third Conference 1947 May 15
view document Dedication of Home Economics Building: remarks by Mrs. Joseph S. Leach 1947 June 7
view document Thirty-fourth Conference 1947 Oct. 28
view document Thirty-fifth Conference 1948 May 11
view document Thirty-fifth (sic) Conference 1949 April 26
view document Dedication of Skinner Hall 1949 April 26
view document Thirty-sixth  (sic) Conference 1950 March 7
view document Thirty-eighth  (sic) Conference 1950 May 11
view document Thirty-ninth  (sic) Conference 1951 May 10
view document Memorial service for Dr. Hugh Potter Baker: remarks by Mrs. Joseph S. Leach [ca. 1952]
view document Forty-first (sic) Conference 1952 May 8
view document Fortieth (sic) Conference 1952 Nov. 2
view document Workshop meeting 1953 March 5
view document Letter cancelling spring meeting 1953 May 7
view document Meeting 1953 Oct. 30
view document Meeting 1954 April 22
view document Meeting 1955 March 31
view document Meeting 1955 Oct. 25
view document Meeting 1956 Oct. 25
view document Forty-eighth (sic) Meeting 1957 March 26
view document Forty-ninth (sic) Meeting 1957 Nov. 1
view document Fiftieth (sic) Meeting 1958 April 8
view document Fifty-second (sic) Meeting 1959 Oct. 30
view document Fifty-third (sic) Meeting 1961 April 14
view document Fifty-fourth  (sic) Meeting 1962 March 13
Folder 4: Concerns of the Advisory Council of Women
view document Memo: Dean of Women to Treasurer Hawley, re: Urgent need for food service at the University of Massachusetts [copy] -  1948  March 25
view document Memo: Helen Curtis to Dr. Van Meter, re: Recommendation for future sorority housing... [copy] 1948 April 9 
view document Report to Campus Planning Council on Future Needs of Women at the Univ. of Mass. 1952 Dec. 17
view document Memo: Helen Curtis to Dr. Shannon McCune, Provost, re: invitation to upcoming meeting  1955 Oct. 11
view document News Release: "New Head of University of Massachusetts Advisory Council of Women" [Mrs. Frederic Rothery] 1956 Dec. 18
view document Chronology: Concerns of the ACW, 1921-59; Legislative work of ACW ca. 1959
Folder 5: Relations with University Presidents Mather and Lederle
view document Background information on ACW sent to  President Lederle 1951-56
view document Sample newsletters sent by President Mather to ACW members 1955, 1956
view document Letter: Delight B. Rothery, Pres. of ACW, to General Court, re: ACW's support of House bill  3350, granting budgetary and management powers to the University of Massachusetts; +  member list; + minutes of 13 March 1962 (see folder 3) 1962 March 19
view document Typed note on ACW letterhead sent to Pres. Lederle upon his inauguration 1960 Oct. 19
view document Correspondence of Pres. Lederle, Dean Curtis and ACW President Mrs. Frederic A. Rothery concerning decision to "suspend ACW for the present as a formally organized group" 1964 Sept.-Nov.
view document Notes and correspondence re: discussions with Pres. Lederle leading to decision to  disband ACW 1964 Oct.
Folder 6: Nellie M. (Mrs. John W.) Gould (29-year ACW member)
view document Obituary [ca. 1965]
view documentancillary document Correspondence of Mary Earle Gould (daughter), J. Richard Beattie (Director, Cooperative Extension, UM) and President Lederle, re: photograph featuring Nellie M. Gould
Attachment: photograph showing Mrs. John M. Gould at laying of cornerstone of Stockbridge Hall - n.d.
Folder 7: Professional Training for Women
view document Letter: Delight B. Rothery, ACW Chairman, to Council Members, re: April 8 meeting 1958  March 26
view document News Release: ACW meeting to be held April 8 will highlight professional training for women 1958 April 7
view document Letter: Eleanor W. Bateman to Helen Curtis, re: ACW Recruitment Committee 1958 April 8
view document Opportunities for Women Combining Liberal Education with Professional Training (outlines Home Economics, Physical Education and Nursing)  [1958]
view document UM Placement Office for Women: "What Happened to the Women in the Class of 1957"  [1958]

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