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President Kenyon L. Butterfield - Selected Records Related to Women's Education 

    Folder 56: Abigail Adams House

view document Notice: "Contest Open to Massachusetts Girls" [re: naming of the new women's dormitory at M.A.C.] 1920 [ca. Spring]
view document Letter: Katherine B. Ehnes (aged 14) to Edna L. Skinner, Advisor of Women [re: her submission to the contest of the eventual prize winning name]  1920 May 14
view document "Supplementary Report of Committee on the Women's Dormitory" submitted for the committee by Lorian P. Jefferson. [re: two alternative names tendered after the trustees rejected "Abigail Adams"] 1920 [ca. Aug.]
view document Letter: Edna L. Skinner to Kenyon L. Butterfield [re: reasons for naming the new dormitory after Adams at the October dedication cermonies] 1920 Sept. 29
view document Letter: Charlotte B. Ware, representing the "Woman's National  Farm and Garden Association" (Boston), to Dr. Arthur W. Gilbert, Mass. Dept. of Agriculture [re: proposal to name the new dormitory after Ruth Morrill] 1920 Sept. 29
view document Letter: Arthur W. Gilbert to Kenyon L. Butterfield [re: transmittal of the Ware letter (see above) with Gilbert's  concurrence in naming the new dormitory] 1920 Sept. 30
view document Program: "Conference - Women in Agriculture and Country Life," Bowker Auditorium (7-8 Oct.) [President's revised copy of the dedication program]  1920 Oct. 7
view document The Transcript [New Salem]
"Dormitory for Women" by E. O. Marshall
1920 Oct. 11
view document Letter: Jane B. Haines, School of Horticulture for Women, Ambler, PA,  to Kenyon L. Butterfield 1920 Oct. 13
view document Letter: Edna L. Skinner to Kenyon L. Butterfield [re: prize winner and draft of a press release on the contest] 1920 Oct. 14


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