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The Annual Reports of the trustees of Massachusetts Agricultural College to the legislature were  compilations of accounts by the President, the Dean of the College, academic and administrative departments, and other branches of the college covering pertinent activities for the fiscal year.  Beginning in 1868, the reports also contained the college catalog, which included the names of the trustees, faculty, and students, in addition to the courses of study. In 1909 the catalogs became a separate publication, but were still denoted as Part II of the Annual Reports. The online texts (1864 - 1932/33) were often edited to reflect the administrative, academic, departmental, and women's histories of the college.  What has been omitted consists generally, but not exclusively, of the following:  reports of the Hatch Experiment Station, financial or treasurer's statements, reports by the farm superintendent, extention service, and other agricultural units; other scientific, meteorological,  horticultural, or agricultural reports, some of which were also contained within the addenda to various earlier reports titled "Appendix" or "Reports."
[Note: Reports that have been edited contain guides to the pagination where it otherwise varies from the original index or table of contents.]

Annual Reports:  1864 - 1932/33

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