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Writings About Smith College,  1873 - 1922

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Folder:  27 1910 - 12
Daily Hampshire Gazette  
"Smith College Commencement" 
[NOTE: Poor to fair image quality]
1910 June 13
Daily Hampshire Gazette
"President Seelye's Record - A Review of His Career Is a History of the College - Some of the Figures of the Physical Achievements of 35 Years - Tributes of Prominent Alumnae to President Seelye - The Extaordinary Feat of Founding the Greatest Woman's College on the Most Limited Endowment"
1910 June 14
Daily Hampshire Gazette
"Tributes to L. Clark Seelye - Retiring President of Smith Honored by Trustees, Faculty and Alumnae - Gifts to the College"
[NOTE: Poor to fair image quality]
1910 June 15
The Sun  
"Smith Girls' Work and Play.  College Has Developed A Type That's All Its Own."
1911 March 12
Springfield Republican  
"The Year at the Colleges.  New Adminstration at Smith. Record of What Has Been Done"
1911 June 18
Daily Hampshire Gazette  
"College Class Day." [First baccalaureate sermon by President Seelye's successor, Marion Le Roy Burton.]
1911 June 19
McCall's Magazine  
"Earning A College Course:  Setting Forth the Experiences of a Young Woman Who Worked Her Way Through College.  By A Graduate of Smith College."
1911 September
[Publication Unknown]  
"Apt Advice Which Resulted in the Establishment of Smith College."  By Alice Spencer Geddes.
[Publication Unknown]  
"'No girl starting off to college should be without her supply of simple remedies,...'"
Boston Evening Transcript  
"Judgment Day for Our Colleges:  A Startling Government Classification."  By Henry T. Claus
1912 September 14
Boston Sunday Globe  
"College Presidents from the West:  Ten of These Learned Men Preside Over the Destinies of 10,000 Undergraduates in the New England ..." [Fragment]
1912 November
Folder:  28 1913 - 15
Boston Evening Transcript  
"Work for the Girl Graduate:  Smith Discovering What She Can Do from What She Has Done." By Eunice Fuller
1913 April 5
Good Housekeeping  
"To --, Coming to College."  By Jennette Lee
1913 September
Revue Politique et Litteraire:  Revue Bleue 
"Le Francais a L'Etranger -  Un foyer de culture francaise aux Etats-Unis - L'Universite de Smith  
(Smith College)."  By Jacques Lux, with further  
comment by Albert Schinz.
1914 February 7
Good Housekeeping  
"With a College Education."  By Jennette Lee
1914 June
Boston Traveler  
"Diary of Day at 'Hamp' Makes One Homesick for the Days When One Was a College Girl Herself  
-- And, Oh, Those Amherst College Boys!" By Laurie Hillyer.
1915 November 16
Boston Traveler  
"Oh to Be a Smith Girl with Time to 'Fuss,'..."
1915 November 16
Folder 29: 1916 - 17
Christian Science Monitor  
"Homestead of Smith College Founder."
1916 March 23
The World  
"Woman's College to Be University."
1916 April 21
New York Evening Sun  
"Is the Higher Education of Girls a Good Use of  
War Profits?"  By Louis A. Hoffman
1916 April 26
The Evening Post Saturday Magazine [New York]  
"Sophia Smith's House in Order." By Louise Townsend Nicholl
1916 June 17
The Living Church  
"A Religious College Town."  By Lyman P. Powell, President of Hobart College.
1916 August 19
Republican [Hamilton, Ohio]  
"Some Interesting Features of Smith College."
1916 September 23
Springfield Union  
"New England has always prided itself..." [Re: Rev. Billy Sunday labels "...New England colleges [the] 'rottenest' in the country."
1916 December 4
New York Evening Post  
"Our Colleges Open Doors to Mexican Students."
1916 December 5
[Various Publications]  
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College [Wesleyan University theatrical caricature; kitchenettes]
Folder 30: 1918 - 1919
Ladies' Home Journal  
"The 18 Girls From Smith College Who Are Looking After 16 French Villiages."  By  Louise Townsend Nicholl
1918 April
The New Republic  
"War and the Woman's College." By  Grace A. Hubbard
1918 July 6
Smith College Weekly  
[Scrapbook containing three years of selected  clippings from the Weekly, compiled during the undergraduate years of a member of the Class of 1922.]  Jump to year 1918 | 1919 | 1920 | 1921
1918 October 2  - 
1921 June 15
[Publication Unknown]  
"Smith College Girls Must Pay For Chaperones."
1918 October 23
Folder 31: 1920 - 21
[For more 1920-21 writings, SEE ALSO Smith College Weekly scrapbook, folder 30]
[Publication Unknown]  
"New Brunswick Women Graduates of Smith College Interested in Its Campaign
1920 February 17
Fashion - Art  
"A College that Has Never Closed Its Gates:  Why Smith College Hesitates to Limit Its  Enrollment." By  Margery Swett.
1920 March
Woman's Home Companion  
"Seven Colleges -- Seven Types:  A Study of  
College Girl Characteristics." By Helen M. Bennett.
1920 November
The Woman Citizen  
"The Best Investment in the World."  By Cora H. Jarrett.
1921 February 21
New York Times  
"Feminine Love of a Bargain Crops Out Amid the Classic Shades of Smith College:  Group of Undergraduates." [Photo]
1921 April 10
New York Herald  [Sunday]  
[Re:  Five  photographic views of the Smith College campus.  Poor image quality.]
1921 December 4
Folder 32: 1922
Christian Science Monitor  
"Academic Atmosphere to Order."
1922 May 26
The Smart Set  
"The Higher Learning in America."  By  Louise Patterson Guyol.
1922 November 
New York Evening Mail  
"College Women's Children."
1922 December 13
Folder 33: 1922 - Gavit
New York Evening Post ; Boston Herald  
Series of articles written by John Palmer Gavit  
for the New York Evening Post, examining four eastern women's colleges.
1922 November  -  
1923 January


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