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Writings About Smith College,  1873 - 1922

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Folder 16:  1897
Springfield Republican
"Writ for Women's Reading. Several Things Worth While." [Includes sections on "Women Studying Psychology"; "The Egotistic Sex"; and "For School Girls Out of Doors."]
1897 Feb. 19
St. Paul, Minnesota High School World
"Smith College," by Edith Brill and Caroline Saunders [Class of 1897]
1897 June
Munsey's Magazine
"Life at a Girls' College." 
1897 Sept.
[Publication Unknown]
"Smith College Clubs. Some are Secret, Some Learned, and Some Just Have Fun."
1897 Oct.
[Publication Unknown]
"Smith College Holidays. Occasions When the Country Round is Overrun with Girls."
1897 Oct. 14
Harper's Bazaar
"Club Life in Women's Colleges," by Margaret Hamilton Welch
Kansas City Star
"In Society"
[Publication Unknown]
"A Man Visitor at Smith. Time of Many Tribulations for the Girl Student."
[The Symposium]
"A Tramp Through the Berkshire Hills," by Four College Girls
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College. 
Folder 17: 1898
Hampshire Gazette
"Tony Education. Girls Learning Taste in Appearance. Old Style Education Passe."
Munsey's Magazine
"The Girl Freshman. How Smith Bryn Mawr, Vassar, and Wellesley Receive Each Year's New Class of Students, and Initiate Them into the Social Life of Their College." By Alice Katherine Fallows.
New York Sun
"Our Story Teller. A College Call."
The Church Militant
"The Opportunity of the Church in a College Town," by Vida D. Scudder
1898 March
The Ladies' Home Journal
"Inside the Rooms of College Girls."
1898 March
Hampshire Gazette
"His 25th Anniversary as President of Smith College Celebrated."
1898 June 17
Hampshire Gazette
"Larger Endowment Needed."
1898 June 17
Scribner's Magazine
"Undergraduate Life at Smith College" by Alice Katharine Fallows [Includes a pamphlet, "Undergraduate Life at Girls' Colleges," which introduces the series of which this forms a part; and a catalogue of the college pictures in the series.]
1898 July
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College.
Folder 18: 1899
Springfield Republican
"The Growth of Smith College. Attendance Passed 1100 Mark."
1899 June 19
Hampshire Gazette
"Smith College Alumnae Have Raised $20,000 for a Library Building."
1899 June 21
Munsey's Magazine
"Life at a Girls' College. The Smith girls at work at at play."
1899 Sept.
[ Publication Unknown]
"Smith College Growth. The Great Changes Made in a Quarter of a Century." [Note: poor image quality]
1899 Dec. 8
Ladies' Home Journal
Various images of  college life at Smith.
Folder 19: 1900
 [Publication Unknown]
"Fads" [Re:  Contemporary college fads at Smith]
[Publication Unknown]
"Address of President Seelye: The History of Smith College" [On the occasion of the College's 25th Anniversary and "academic festival"]
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
"Girl Undergraduates. The Lighter Side of Life at Smith College." By Rollin Lynde Hartt
[ Publication Unknown]
"Dr. Harris on Higher Education. Address of the United States Commissioner of Education."  [Re:  Higher education for women]
[ Publication Unknown]
"Unwritten Laws at Smith. Rules Which Govern the Attitude of the Students in Various Matters of Importance"
[ Publication Unknown]
"May Joys of Smith Girls. The Time of the Year When College in Most Attractive"
New England Magazine
"Northampton." By S. E. Bridgman
1900 January
The New England Home Magazine [Weekly supplement
of the Boston Sunday Journal.]
"Jolly Days at Smith. Recreation and Sport Among the College Girls, and an Account of Their Amateur Dramatics." By Myrtle May Hartwell
1900 February 25
[Publication Unknown]
"Smith College Vespers." By Robert F. Drabble
1900 May 14
[ Publication Unknown]
"The Meanest City in the United States: Northampton Mass." [Enclosure to a letter, which is appended.]
1900 May 27
The New England Home Magazine [Weekly supplement
of the Boston Sunday Journal]
"The Smith College of Today. A Pen Picture of Life as it is in 1900 at the Beautiful Girls' College in Northampton." By Ruth Margaret Vincent.
1900 June 24
Harper's Bazar
"Amateur Stars at Smith College." By Alice Katharine Fallows.
1900 July 14
Springfield Union
"At Smith College. First Day of the Quarter-Centennial Celebration at Northampton." 
1900 October 3
The Springfield Daily
"The Smith Celebration. College Quarter-Centenary."
1900 October 3
The Springfield Daily Republican
"Smith's Silver Jubilee. Fine Celebration of the Event."
1900 October 4
Folder  20: 1901
The Century Magazine
"Working One's Way through Women's Colleges."  By
Alice Katharine Fallows.
1901 July
Folder 21: 1902 - 03
Ladies' Home Journal
"What a Girl Does at College:  A Picture Story."  
By  Carolyn Halsted
1902 January
Ladies' Home Journal
"The College Girl in Music and Drama"  By
Carolyn Halsted
1902 February
Ladies' Home Journal
"The Close of the College Girl's Term:  A Picture Story
Told in Fourteen Interesting Photographs."  By
Carolyn Halsted
1902  May
[Publication Unknown]
"Are College Girls Rowdies?  Impartial Discussion of the Subject by a Resident of Northampton - The Smith Girl
and Her Foibles."
The Troy Press
"Female Schools Then and Now." [Editorial]
1903 January 8
[Publication Unknown]
"About Smith College.  How Sophia Smith Came to Found
the Institution.  Its President's Visit Here."
1903 April
The Century Magazine
"Athletics for College Girls."  By Alice Katharine Fallows
1903 May
Folder  22: 1904
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College.
Folder  23: 1905
Westermanns Illustrierte Deutsche Monatshefte
"Eine amerikanische Frauenhochschule [Women's College]."  By  O. E. Lessing
1905 February
"A Hatless Paradise:  The Adventures of a Lone Man Who Went to Discover the 'College Girl'."  By Charles Belmont Davis
1905 June 10
New York Independent
"Debt Owed to Smith.  This Woman's College Makes Three Special Offerings for the Benefit of Humanity." By Charles F. Thwing, President of the College for Women at Western Reserve University.
Folder 24: 1906 - 07
Ladies' Home Journal
"A Swarm of Twelve Hundred Girls:  What I Found
Among Them."  By Mary Mullett
1906 June
[Publication Unknown]
"Amherst Boycotts Smith.  Revolt Against Playing Second Fiddle to Harvard and Yale Boys.
[Publication Unknown]
"Hanoverians Whereasing Against Smith Students." [Dartmouth College]
Folder 25: 1908
Sunday Magazine
"The College Girl:  What Kinds of Young Women Our
Leading American Colleges Are Aiming to Produce"
[Smith College piece written by L. Clark Seelye; Mount Holyoke College piece written by Mary E. Wooley]
1908 May 31
New York Herald [ Sunday -  Magazine Section]
"A Girls' Town:  How Northampton, Mass., the Home of Smith College, Has Been Bereft of the Influence of All but One Man." By Elizabeth Thomas
1908 October 4
The Sunday Herald, Boston
"Handling Letters for 2000 Girls.  Louis L. Campbell, Postmaster at Northampton, Tells a Few Things About the Smith College Mail"
1908 December 25
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College
Folder 26: 1909
The Radcliffe Magazine
"College Comparisons."  Part III is attributed to Hannah 
Sargent Sessions (Radcliffe, 1910; but attended Smith
College 1905-07)
1909 February
Pictorial Review 
"Outdoor Fun and Festivities of the Girls' Colleges."
1909 June
[Publication Unknown]
"A Modern Treatment of a Young Woman's Room."[Two contemporary illustrations of college women studying in their rooms; one presumably at Smith College]

[End of Folder 26]

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