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Folder 1: Cartoons DATE:
Hampshire County Journal  
"A Whisper from Vassar -- not Smith College"
1889 June 22
"Isn't it wonderful to feel that once a Smith girl, always a Smith girl" [no date]
"The Real Christmas Spirit" [no date]
"No Dates" By Dahl [no date]
"The Tuxedo Home" [no date]
"Ten Years" [no date]
Gasoline Alley  
"Going, Going, Where?"
1939 June 9
"I hope you'll have it ready by Thursday, because that's Ivy Day at Smith"
1947 February 8
"Goodness! We didn't learn songs like that at Smith"
1948 June 12
Folder 2: 1873-1874
Scribner's Monthly  
"A New Woman's College" [typed transcript]
1873 May and October
Scribner's Monthly  
"The Higher Education of Women," by W. S. Tyler
1874 February
Folder 3:  1876
The Nation  
"Girton College" [England]
1876 January 27
The Nation  
"Girton College and Smith College" [with follow-up note in 1876 March 2 issue, "Notes"]
1876 February 17
[publication unknown]  
"Smith College"
1876 July 4
Folder 4: 1877
Harper's Bazaar  
"Main Building of Smith College" [drawing]
Scribner's Monthly 
"Smith College"
1877 May
Hampshire Gazette  
"Official College Circular -- Smith College"
1877 July 24
Folder 5: 1878
The Dartmouth 
"Smith College"
1878 March 14
Folder 6: 1879
Cincinnati Enquirer [holograph transcript] 1879 June 18
Folder 7: 1881-82
The Woman's Journal  
"Cooking Schools" [holograph transcript]
1881 July 2
Demorest's Monthly Magazine  
"Social Life at Smith College" by Kate Sanborn
[Weekly Bulletin, San Francisco]  
"The Effects of Culture. Or How an East Lockport Young Girl Astonished Her Parents"
Hampshire Gazette and Northampton Courier 
"The Hillyer Art Gallery at Smith College"
1882 May 16
Folder 8: 1883
The Car Window (Northampton, Mass.) 
"Home Life at Smith College: Written for The Car Window by A[lice] W[are Bailey].
1883 January
Folder 9: 1884-86
The Domestic Monthly  
"Smith College for Women" by Ellen E. Dickinson
1884 April
Arms Student [Arms Academy, Shelburne Falls, Mass.]  
"Letter from Smith College"
1884 November 6
[Publication unknown]  
"Smith College -- The Higher Education of Woman Exemplified"
1885 or 1886
Folder 9: 1887-88
 New England Magazine and Bay State Monthly  "Smith College" by M. A. Jordan 1887 January
[Chicago] Call  
"An Oakland Girl in the East"
1888 January 1
Daily Hampshire Gazette  
"Dea. Hubbard and Smith College" - Letter to the Editor by John M. Greene
1888 May 15
"The Higher Education of Women: Its Perils and Its Benefits" by Rev. L. Clark Seelye, D. D.
ca. 1888
Folder 10: 1889
Northampton Daily Herald  
"College Commencement" by Addison
1889 June 18
Northampton Daily Herald  
"Commencement Events"
1889 June 18
Folder 11: 1890-91
Northampton Daily Herald  
"Smith College Notes"
1890 June 19
Northampton Daily Herald  
"The College Settlement. Elsmerian Philanthropic Theory Put Into Action -- What Smith College Girls are Doing to Move the World Onward -- Sense vs. Sentiment in Charitable Work."
1890 November 18
[source unknown]  
2 clippings ("Smith College items")
[source unknown]  
"Smith Students Try Old-Fashioned Fun" [Re: "ice carnival"]
1891 January
[source unknown] 
"The Students' Day -- Music and Flowers -- Dancing and Refreshments -- Young Men and Maidens" [Re: annual Washington birthday reception]"
1891 February
Police Gazette  
"Sophs versus Freshies: The pretty girl students at Smith College, in Northampton, Mass. have a snow battle on the campus."
1891 February 21
[source unknown]  
"Smith College. An Institution to be Copied -- Its Healthy Growth During the Past Year."
1891 June 21
[source unknown] 
"Gleeful Smith College Girls" [Glee Club concert in New York City]
1891 November
"Growth of Smith College - Its Founder Felt the Need of What She Has Provided for Others" 
1891 December 21
[source unknown]  
Clippings re: disappearance and suicide of Laura Edith Presbrey (1883)
[sources unknown] 
2 clippings re: Clara Lathrop
[source unknown] 
"Northampton: A New Department at Smith College" [Re: new organ and course of study in church music]
[source unknown] 
"Plans for a great enlargement of the main building at Smith college..."
[source unknown] 
"The Students' Ogre" [Re: curfew rule at annual Washington reception]
[source unknown] 
[Re: new gymnasium suit proposed]
Folder 12: 1892
[Various publications]  
The University Magazine 
"Smith College at Northampton; Its Growth and Womanhood," by Annie Russell Marble (1886)
1892 January
Folder 13: 1893-94
[Various publications]  
[source unknown] 
Re: "Hitching" rides [cf. Eleanor Louisa Lord, Stars over the Schoolhouse (New York: 1938), p. 48]
[source unknown] 
"Slang of College Girls -- The 'Crush,' 'Dead  Squelch,' and Other Terms Expressive of College Life"
New York Daily Tribune
News blurbs from a weekly series "Among the Colleges":
1893 Jan. - May
Springfield Republican 
"Social Life at Smith College.  Occupations after  Study Hours."
1893 June 20
Woman's Progress in Literature, Science, Art, 
Education and Politics, vol. 1, no. 4
"Smith College" by Annie E. Paret [Class of 1895]
1893  July
Hampshire Gazette 
"Smith College.  A College Paper to be started."
1893 October 9
Springfield Republican 
"President Seeyle of Smith College."
1894 January 12
Springfield Republican
"Dr. Depew Speaks at Smith College in Honor of Washington's Birth."
[1894 Feb. 23/1894 Mar. 2?]
New York Evening Post [reprint] 
"A Day at Smith College.  Interesting Facts About the Northampton Institution."
1894 April
Springfield Weekly Republican 
"The Success of Basket Ball..."
1894 May 18
Springfield Republican 
"Northampton." [Re:  Estate of Deacon George  W. Hubbard and wife and their bequeath to  Smith College.]
1894 May 18
The Delineator, vol. 43, no. 6 
"The Women's Colleges of the United States. --   No. 2.:  A Girl's Life and Work at Smith." 
1894 June
[Various publications] 
Folder 14: 1895
"Smith College. An Interesting Sketch of Life in That Well-Known Institution." 1895
The Century Magazine
"Festivals in American Colleges for Women."
Bryn Mawr - Mount Holyoke - Smith - Vassar - Wellesley - Wells
1895 Jan.
Hampshire Gazette
"Smith College"
1895 Jan. 17
 Boston Sunday Globe
"Smith's Sophs. They Win Annual Game of Basket Ball."
1895 March 31
Leslie's Weekly
"Our Colleges for Women. A Glimpse of Smith College."
1895 April 18
[Publication unknown]
"Diplomas for Smith Students. The Largest Class Sent Out."
1895 [June]
Godey's Magazine
"Smith College" by Winifred Ayres [Class of 1892]
1895 July
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles on Smith
Folder 15: 1896
Springfield Republican
"Basket Ball at Smith. The Freshmen are Victorious after a Hard-fought Contest."
1896 March 22
"Smith's New Dormitory. College Girls to Have a Chance to Live in Luxury." [fragment]
1896 April 5
Springfield Republican
"The Life of Sophia Smith, Founder of Smith College."
1896 May 17
Hampshire Gazette
"Founder's Day. A New Day Established at Smith College, in Honor of the Founder of the College Which Has So Highly Prospered."
1896 May 27
Northampton Daily Herald
"Centennial. Anniversary of the Birth of Founder of Smith College Appropriately Celebrated -- Interesting Addresses Made."
1896 May 27
Springfield Republican
"Honored Its Founder, Sophia Smith's 100th Birthday Observed by Smith College."
1896 May 28
Harper's Bazaar
"Smith College."
1896 Aug. 8
[Unknown publication]
"Handsome Gift to Smith College."
1896 Sept. 16
[Various Publications]
Miscellaneous articles about Smith College

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