Title Index to articles written by John Palmer Gavit about the women's colleges

for the New York Evening Post, 1922-23

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New Opportunities for Women's College - Right Education Should Be Found Fitting Women Students for Leadership in Fields Regarded as Peculiarly Their Own

Smith College Series:

Smith College Called "A Nefarious Project" - Public Feared Attempts to Meet Scholarship Standards - Even Dr. Seelye Had Doubts
Smith Shows Work of Good Student Council - Wise Attitude of Authorities Helped Towards Sound Policies - Self Government Becoming Controlling Influence in Affairs of College
Finds College Girls Are Not Cigarette Smokers - School Public Opinion Prevents Habit at Smith, But Authorities Say Mothers Have Hindering Influence 
Smith College Teaches Girls to Be Self-Reliant - "Special System" Requires Wide Range of Subjects in First Two Years - Students "Get On Their Feet" as Juniors

Wellesley College Series:

Religious Spirit Is Retained At Wellesley - Influence of Its Founder Is Shown; Feminine in the Old-Fashioned Sense, But Still Is Modern
Students at Wellesley Share in Government - Faculty Exercises Wide Power Under Agreement - "Honor System" Puts Teeth in Policy
Freshmen at Wellesley Live as Real Democracy - Segregated from Institution, with "Village Seniors" Watching Over Them - Campus Gives Character to Activities
Lack Training in Womanhood - Wellesley Fails to Teach Girls How to Bring Up Children - Students Must Put in Hard Work

Vassar College Series:

Vassar's Personality Clings to College - Old Brewer Founded His Institution on an Equal Rights Basis - Was Determined to Give Woman an Adequate Education
Vassar Is Democratic; but the Others Are Also - No Organization on Campus to Which All May Not Belong - Rooms Distributed By Lot - Cost Same to All
Homemaking Is Factor in Eduction at Vassar - New Departure, Announced in Latest Catalog, Based on Belief That Learning Must Touch Human Demands
Vassar Has Competent Faculty; Fine Equipment - Founder's Vision of Education for Women May Be Realized in Full; Begins to Take Account of Life in Homes

Bryn Mawr College Series:

Spirit of M. Carey Thomas Dominates at BrynMawr - Women's Freedom Has Been Life Aim of College President - Had Able Staff of Teachers With Her
Bryn Mawr's President Faces Difficult Task - Unlike Other College Heads, Miss Park Has Unusual Pace, Set by Miss Thomas, to Maintain
Bryn Mawr Is Getting Away from "Bookishness" - Tendency Is Toward Emphasizing Other Than Classroom Studies - Student Bodies Have Much Power
Bryn Mawr Outgrowing Its Early Limitations - College Gives Adequate Training on Industrial and Social Subjects - Educates from Life Itself

Concluding General Articles:

Colleges of America Are Not Irreligious - Neither Do They Teach Radicalism - Views of All Kinds Expressed Individually by Youth Railing Against Wrong
Analyzes Types of Girls in Four Eastern Colleges - Gavit Finds That Comparatively Few Are Daughter of So-called Working Classes - Good Percentage Get Married
Finds Selecting Right College Difficult Task - Gavit Says No Two Leading Institutions Are Alike - Haphazard Choice by the Parents Is Serious Mistake
Photographs: William Allan Neilson (Pres., Smith College) and Ada Louise Comstock (Dean, Smith College)
Photograph illustration: View of library from gardens, Smith College
Photograph illustrations: Three new dormitories at Smith College (Jordan House, Emerson House, Cushing House); Mrs. Laura Lord Scales, newly appointed warden in charge of social activities at Smith College
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