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Sophia Smith's Wills, 1870-[1933?]

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The collection includes a printed version of Sophia Smith's last will and testament dated 1870, which provided funds for the establishment of a women's college in Northampton, Mass. It is accompanied by two letters: one written in 1879 by Deacon George W. Hubbard referring to previous versions of the will, and the other written in 1913 by John C. Hammond relating his memory of the execution of the 1870 will, in which he served as an official witness. Also included in the collection is a three-page note by Helen French Greene (daughter of John M. Greene) entitled "The Five Wills of Sophia Smith."


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Helen French Greene: "The Five Wills of Sophia Smith" [ca. 1933]
1870 will 1870 Mar. 8
TL: George W. Hubbard to "My dear Friend" 1879 Sept. 25
TL: John C. Hammond to President Marion Leroy Burton 1913 Nov. 8


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