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Sophia's Choice:
An Annotated Bibliography of Books Owned and/or Read by Sophia Smith


Compiled by Jacque Bradley '97
to accompany the exhibition "Sophia's Choice"
Neilson Library front hall and Mortimer Rare Room
Smith College, July 2-September 30, 1996


I wish to give particular thanks to Margery Sly in the College Archives, for selecting me as an intern and then allowing me to become immersed in the history of Sophia Smith and Smith College, and thanks to Joanne Dougherty for patiently directing my search. Thanks to Margaret Storrs Grierson '22 for her note of encouragement during my search for the books, and to Peg Pitzer for taking the time to unlock all the doors at the Alumnae House. For the Mortimer Rare Book Room a BIG thank you to Barbara Blumenthal for her printer's eye, to Karen V. Kukil and Lynne Fors for assistance with captions and suggestions with displays and thanks also to Michelle V. Cloonan for allowing me to continue my obsession with Sophia Smith, by letting me act as curator for the exhibit of Sophia's books as my final project in Art History 261b. Finally, kudos go to my many friends, especially the women of Gillett House for listening to story after story about Sophia and her books until they were sure I was channeling her spirit. My work over the summer was made less enjoyable by their absence. Despite the wonderful assistance, any errors in this work are the responsibility of the author.

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