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A Play in Nine Scenes

Written by Theatre Students of the Class of 1950:

Patricia Atwood
Shirley Bisselle
Virginia Brock
Marguerite Clarke
Jill Cummins
Anne de Coursey
Jacqueline Perry
Hennele Robinson

Under the editorship of:

Hallie Flanagan Davis
George B. Dowell


Scene I Root Seed
1806, Hatfield, dooryard home of Joseph and Lois Smith
Scene II Legal Status
1812, Hatfield, the Main Street
Scene III New England Gothic
1825, Hatfield, dooryard of Oliver Smith's house
Scene IV Smith vs. Smith
1847, Northampton, office and anteroom of the Court House
Scene V All in the Family
1859, Hatfield, living room of the Smith homestead
Scene VI Death in New York
1861, New York, a shabby room in a lodging house
Scene VII A Writing on the Mind
1862, Hatfield, a room in John M. Greene's parsonage
Scene VIII Height of the Season
1868, Saratoga, lobby of the Grand Union Hotel
Scene IX Megalethoscopio
1869, Hatfield, parlor of Miss Smith's new house

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