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Laurenus Clark Seelye Papers

Series II: Correspondence


  1. Family
  2. Smith College
  3. Non-Smith College
  4. Employment Opportunities
Correspondents in this series include Smith President Marion LeRoy Burton, Harry Norman Gardiner, Arthur L. Gillett, John M. Greene, Mary Augusta Jordan, William H. Lanning, Alice (Lord) Parsons, and Herbert A. Wilder. The correspondence provides a good record of the early days of Smith College, as well as a look at the people after whom Smith College buildings and monuments are named. Names of note in the Non-Smith College correspondence are Andrew Carnegie, President William McKinley, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The letters in this sub-series cover topics ranging from money to religion. One weakness of the correspondence is that many of the first names of correspondents are not apparent or are completely unknown.

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