Smith College: Opening and Early History

William Allan Neilson.  Smith College: The First Seventy Years (unpublished typescript), ca. 1946

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An unpublished typed manuscript of a history of Smith College from its founding in 1875 to 1945, originally undertaken by Harry Norman Gardiner (1855-1927), Professor of Philosophy at Smith College.  Sometime after Gardiner's death, the work of finishing the history was taken over by William Allan Neilson, who was President of Smith College from 1917 to 1939.  The manuscript was substantially finished by the time Neilson died in 1946. 

Table of Contents

[Notes On This Manuscript - written by Ruth Agnew for the President and Trustees, 15 Feb. 1946] 

Preface [planned but not written] 

    1. The Beginnings
    2. The First Administration - President Seelye, 1875-1910
    3. The Second Administration - President Burton, 1910-1917
    4. The Third Administration - President Neilson, 1917-1939
    5. The Interregum - Acting President Morrow, 1939-1940
    6. The Fourth Administration - President Davis, 1940-
    7. The Course of Study

    8. The Undergraduate Curriculum 
      The Graduate Schools 
    9. The Development of Studies and Departments

    10. Art
      The Classics [Greek & Latin]
      Economics and Sociology
      Modern Languages: Music
      Philosophy, Psychology, Education
      Religion and Biblical Literature
      Sciences: Speech 
    11. The Growth of the Campus
    12. Administrative Offices
    13. The Student Government
    14. Religious Life
    15. The Alumnae [Addendum by Mary B. Fuller]
Appendices [planned but not written] 
    List of Trustees 
    List of Architects 
    Honorary Graduates 

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