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Amherst College
April 24, 1873 
I am under obligations to you for two or three letters which I have received & have not answered. I have read them with much interest, particularly that of the 21st inst. which I received yesterday. You must not lay to heart too much your failure to obtain money directly & immediately for Smith College. Money will come indirectly & ultimately, as the result of your labors. And if it should not, the Agency was indispensable under the circumstances by way of exploring the ground, clearing the way, & educating the people. This object it has accomplished.  In due time I think, you will resume it, perhaps in connection with other work for the College. I carry it forward to a more palpable & [visible?] result. 

I read with interest the article in the Religious Magazine & took the liberty to hand not only it, but your letter, to Prof. Clark Seelye. He was interested & encouraged by it. It (the Art.) shows a preparation to appreciate our high standard of education for woman. 

Prof. S.[eelye] is becoming more & more interested in the College & unfolds ideas & plans in conversation with me which are large & grand & yet wise & practicable, & which confirm me more & more in my conviction that we are not mistaken in our man. I have very little doubt that he will accept, & will soon signify his readiness to do so. Then we must have a meeting of the Trustees, appoint a President & perhaps one or two Professors, & if we can find the men & be sure we know them, perhaps add to our Board two or three men from other denominations. 

What you say of Mr.[Neale?] is significant & instructive. We must be sure that we know our men - men who will sympathize & heartily & actively co-operate with us in our characteristic Christian basis, before we make any new appointments. I have written to Prof. Park in this strain, telling him what you say of Mr. [Neale?], putting him on his guard & then asking him to give particular attention to this point.  

I exepect to be in Northampton Saturday& will try to see Mr. [Stow?] and other gentlemen at that time. 

Yours fraternally 

finding aidoriginal