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Rev. Prof. Tyler:

Dear Sir,

I returned to Andover last Wednesday, and found your letter; also, two letters from Mr. Greene.  I left Andover the week before, and remained absent longer than I expected; would have gone to Amherst, if I had received your letter in season. I will now request you to send this letter to Mr. Green, and I hope that you and he will agree with me on the subject.

I think that it would be well to apply to Mr. Hitchcock of Brimfield, and request him to found the Presidentship of Smith College. First, he has already given $50,000 to Illinois College; why can he not give an equal or a larger sum to Smith College? Second, he has an immense property, and it will do him good to endow Smith College. Third, he will give more to Amherst and Andover, if he will give something to Smith College. Fourth, he is fond of endowing offices, but is very averse to putting money in brick and mortar. Now the endowing of the Presidentship may be very acceptable to him. If not the Presidentship, perhaps some Professorship would be acceptable. Mr. Green can ascertain what particular direction Mr. Hitchcock's mind will take, and can ask him for money suited to that direction. One argument for applying now to Mr. Hitchcock is this, he has the whole field before him, and can take just what part of it which he chooses to cultivate.

With high regard,
    I am, yours,

Andover, March 31, 1873.

finding aidoriginal