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Amherst College
Jan. 11, 1873 

I am glad to hear that the Committee appointed by the Citizens of Northampton are to have a meeting early next week. I hope they will act generously, wisely and promptly. Say to them, from me, if you please, that I am more than ever persuaded that everything depends on the course taken by the people of Northampton. If they promptly & cordially provide the means for erecting the first building - Northampton Hall - I think I see clearly all the rest. We can secure a first-rate President at once & enter speedily upon the erection of the building with the blessing of God, the future is secure. 

If they do not, of course, we must do the best we can. But my present hopes & plans are all frustrated. I shall be discouraged. I shall be tempted to give up the ship & resign the enterprise into wiser & better hands. 

I have written all day & cannot write more now. I am glad you are full of faith & proof against discouragement.  

Yours truly, 

finding aidoriginal