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Andover, Mass.,
Dec. 13, 1872.

My Dear Mr. Greene;

I am very glad to hear of your success at Northampton. Should be glad to know what further success you have. I hope you will send Prof. Tyler's speech. It is very certain that you are the man for this agency. I cannot help thinking that after this building is provided for, somebody will put up an Art Museum. All the towns around Northampton must be interested in having pictures and statues accessible. There might be room in it for portraits of all the benefactors, as well as for copies of the great paintings of the world.- Then, again, different persons may give different musical instruments. In one school in Germany, I saw, I think, twenty-five pianofortes in different rooms. It seems to me that this one feature of the school, the cultivation of music, may be a specialty which will give to Northampton a great distinction above other places, especially in the summer season. Springfield has her Armory; Worcester her Antiquarian Society; if Northampton has the first Female College in the world, so much the better for Northampton.

Congratulating you on your success, I am, dear Sir,

Very respectfully,

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