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                             Amherst College,
                          Nov. 28, 1872.
Dear Brother Greene,
        Although it is Thanksgiving & I have but a moment before the mail closes, I must write a few words in answer to yours.

  The meeting at North was, perhaps, as encouraging as could be expected. The spirit of the meeting was excellent. All seemed friendly to the object, & it is not strange that all did not take the same view as to the best method of accomplishing the object. One or two of the gentlemen were a little perverse, but not more so than I expected. I trust you will not be discouraged, though I feared you would be a little disappointed.

By all means bring Prof. Park on to the next meeting if possible. I think he would render excellent service. If it should be very cold or very bad traveling I may fail, especially as it is right in the midst of my examination. But I shall see you, & will say no more now.

                            Yours truly
                                W. S. Tyler

finding aidoriginal