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                                                           South Hadley, Mass. 
                                   April 5th, 1869. 
Miss Sophia Smith 
          My dear Friend, 

             I have just read a little piece in The Springfield Republican which I think will interest you. It is a report of the arguments before a Committee of Education in our Legislature at Boston. The arguments were presented last week & this little paper gives the gist of them. 

 They show just what I have known, that the great want in our State is a college for the higher education of women. I have no fears that women will be admitted successfully to our present colleges. It is much better that the sexes be educated in separate institutions. 

 I thought that you would be interested to read this little paper, so I have cut it out and will inclose it in this letter. 

We are all pretty well.  The children have colds, but are getting better of them.  Mrs. Greene sends much love to you. 

                            Your much obliged 
                            friend,  J. M. Greene. 

finding aidoriginal