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                       South Hadley, Mass.
                                March 9th 1869.
Miss Sophia Smith 
          Dear Friend,

             I have been purposing to ride up to Hatfield & call upon you for sometime, but have not found the leisure yet.  Just now the roads are very bad on account of the drifts.

  I have just read a little book entitled "Woman: Her Work in the Church," by Rev. George Washburn. I send it to you & am sure you will enjoy it. Mr. Washburn was a college acquaintance of mine & has been here within a few weeks. One reason why I feel so much interest in the book is that it foreshadows what awaits women. Some people are coming to feel that really women need a more complete education & preparation for the work of life & then they will accomplish it nobly. I am convinced that the work of education & of religion is to devolve very largely upon women & that nothing will do the world so much good as to help women prepare for the work. It affords me great pleasure that there is a prospect of a College for this work.

  We have a President of the U. States now of whom I think we may all be proud.  He seems to be determined to be honest & not  under the control of politicians.  The plans seemed to be all familiar to me & they must to you as you heard the account of the Inauguration.  I often think of the two weeks we spent there in Washington & how much we saw.  When we have seen a place we enjoy reading about it much more.

  Mrs. Greene is well & sends much love to you.

                       Truly yours much obliged friend,
                                 John M. Greene   

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