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                               South Hadley, Mass. 
                                    Feb. 22nd, 1869. 

Miss Sophia Smith 
    Dear Madam: 
        The travelling is so bad and the cold so severe that I shall not be able to go to Hatfield this month. I will therefore write you a short letter. The idea of a change in the location of the College weighs heavily on my mind. I have spoken to you about it before, but I want to urge it now. My original idea of the location of the College was to locate it on a hill near the R. R. Station in Hatfield. It certainly will defeat the object for which the College is established if it is left on the front street in Hatfield. I am more and more convinced of it every month. You might leave it for the Trustees to decide where its location should be. But I think it would be far better to locate it in Northampton than to leave it in Hatfield. The town of Northampton would give $50,000 I am sure if they could have the College there. That would be a handsome sum to add to the funds of the College. Also Northampton is a larger town and would furnish more social life for the pupils. It would be easier of access, and the pupils of different religious denominations would be better accommodated in churches. Northampton has the reputation of being the most beautiful town in New England. Jenny Lind said that of it. It is famous for the school that Mr. Bancroft had there on Round Hill. The College ought to be on Round Hill. I want you should think this matter over and I will see you soon. My conviction is very deep & strong that the College should not be left on the front street in Hatfield. 
  We are all well. I exchanged with Rev. Mr. Cone of Springfield yesterday. He has a large and interesting church. Mrs. Greene is well & sends much love to yourself and all friends. 

                           Yours very cordially, 
                                 John M. Greene 

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