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  Whereas I, Sophia Smith, by my last Will & Testament executed on the twenty fourth of May in the year eighteen hundred and sixty two appropriated certain funds for the several purposes therein specified - & whereas I now deem it wise to modify some of the provisions made therein - I do by this Codicil make the following provisions to stand, & by my executors & heirs to be accepted, in the place of the provisions in my last Will & Testament executed on the twenty fourth of May in the year eighteen hundred and sixty two. 

  ART. 1. I direct that the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars appropriated in said Will & Testament to the founding in Hatfield of a Deaf-mute Institution, & the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars appropriated in the same Will & Testament to the establishment of a Public Library in Hatfield, & the accrued interest thereon, and all the funds except those given to the Academy and a few small legacies which are elsewhere mentioned shall be appropriated to the founding & conducting of an Institution for the higher education of young women, with the design to furnish for my own sex means & facilities for education equal to those which are afforded now in our Colleges to young men. It is my opinion that by the higher and more thoroughly Christian education of women, what are called their "wrongs" will be redressed, their wages will be adjusted, their weight of influence in reforming the evils of society will be greatly increased; as teachers, as writers, as mothers, as members of society, their power for good will be incalculably enlarged. 

  ART. II. This Institution shall be called Sophia Smith College. 

  ART. III. Sensible of what the Christian Religion has done for my sex, & believing that all education should be for the glory of God & the good of man, I direct that the Holy Scriptures be daily & systematically read & studied in my College, & without giving preference to any sect or denomination, all the education & all the discipline shall be pervaded by the spirit of evangelical Christian religion. I direct also that higher culture in the English language & literature be given in my College - also in Ancient & Modern languages, in the Mathematical & Physical sciences, in the useful & the fine arts, in Intellectual, Moral, & Aesthetic Philosophy, in Natural Theology, in the Evidences of Christianity, in Gymnastics & physical culture, in the sciences & arts which pertain to education, society & government, & in such other studies as coming times may develop or demand for the education of woman & the progress of the race. I would have the education suited to the mental & physical wants of women. It is not my design to render my sex any the less feminine, but to develop as fully as may be the powers of womanhood & furnish women with means of usefulness, happiness, & honor now withheld from them. 

  ART. IV. I appoint the following persons to be the first Trustees' of my College - to wit 
          JUDGE CHARLES FORBES, Northampton. 
          Hon. OSMYN BAKER, Northampton. 
          Rev. JOHN M. GREENE, South Hadley. 
          DEA. GEORGE W. HUBBARD, Hatfield. 
          Prof. W. S. TYLER, Amherst. 
          Prof. J. H. SEELYE, Amherst. 
          Hon. Wm. B. WASHBURN, Greenfield. 
          Prof. E. A. PARK, Andover. 
          Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, Williamstown. 
          Rev. B. G. NORTHROP, New Haven 
          Hon. T. EDWARD B. GILLETT, Westfield. 

  ART. V. The above mentioned Trustees & their coadjutors & successors shall have full power to increase their number, fill vacancies, invest & expend this money, & to found & set in operation the Institution as soon as may be after my decease & order all its concerns in such manner as they may judge best calculated to accomplish the objects before stated. Only I direct that not more than one half of the sum appropriated by me to this object shall be invested in buildings & grounds,- the other half or more shall be invested by the Trustees in a safe manner to be a permanent fund, the interest of which alone shall be used forever for furnishing teachers, library and apparatus for the higher education of young women. I direct also that the College be located in Hatfield, my native town, provided said town will contribute the small sum of $25,000 to the funds of the College to be used by its Trustees for the erection of buildings or the purchase of grounds for the College. Further than this I leave the location & all matters pertaining to this institution to the discretion of the Trustees whom I have appointed & in whose judgment, faithfulness, & sympathy with this & all good objects I have the fullest confidence. It is my wish that the Institution be so conducted that during all coming time it shall do the most good to the greatest number. I would have it a perennial blessing to the country & the world. 

  Change the name of the Smith Academy to Sophia Smith Academy. 

  And I do hereby revoke & declare null & void all such portions of my last Will & Testament, executed May 24, 1862 as contravene the provisions of this Codicil. 

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