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                           Amherst College 
                           Mar. 9th 1868 

Rev. J. M Greene 

  My dear Friend, 

     Mrs. Tyler & myself called on Miss Smith last Friday & had a very pleasant call. 

  Mrs. Bridgman showed us all over the house, while she sent out for Miss Smith from a neighbor's & when she came in, we had a friendly & neighborly talk. She inquired of me about Mrs. Durant's donation, & that afforded me the opportunity to explain the condition on which it is offered, & to express the hope, that she would perpetuate her name by putting up a Smith Library building. She met the suggestion by asking "what is a name," & then said, ministers were too apt to appeal to such motives. I simply said, that ministers found it necessary to appeal to all kind of motives that were not improper, & a good name was certainly not an improper motive, & then dropped the matter not choosing to make any serious assault upon her purse in that call. 

  But when the next day Mrs. T. expressed a desire to know for our own instruction something about the paper which she much admired, it occurred to me that I might perhaps say what I have said in the letter of which the enclosed is a copy. I do not know as it was wise. But it is done. And being done, you ought to know it, before you call on Wednesday. I hope, at least, it will do no harm. If she is spared a few years she could do all these things. If not, I really think, if she would do for the existing institutions, it would be wiser. 

                       Yours truly,    W. S. Tyler 

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