finding aid
                                   South Hadley 
                          July 3rd 1872 
My Dear Brother, 

        I am greatly disappointed not to find you here. I came over immediately after reaching home this morning, partly because of the important business here, but partly because I expected to see you and arrange our trustee meeting. 

  I was authorized by the executive committee to call a meeting of the Trustees immediately after the meeting of our Committee in Boston, or later as I thought best after seeing the Committee. 

  I have therefore to call a meeting per order of the Ex. Com. at 2 P.M. on Aug. 15th inst. at the usual place. 
  1. To hear the Report of the Committee in regard to a President & act on the subject. 
  2.  To consider the question touching the organizing & opening of the Institution & take such measures as may be deemed expedient in order thereto. 
  3.  To transact any other business that may properly come before them. 
The important questions that will come up at this meeting render a full attendance of the Trustees exceedingly desirable. 

  You will put these matters in such shape as you deem regular & desirable. 

  I write in great haste after a difficult meeting of the Trustees of Mount Holyoke Seminary with loads of extra labor thrown upon me which I am trying to do after everybody else in the Seminary has gone to bed. 

  You will therefore excuse my haste & my silence on the great questions suggested by your letter. 

                     Yours with fraternal affection 
                           W. S. Tyler 

finding aid