Smith College: Opening and Early History

Newspaper Articles, 1872-1875

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Seven articles published in local newspapers about the founding and opening of Smith College.

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Hampshire Gazette
"Smith College" ("What shall it be?...")
1872 Nov. 5
Gazette and Courier, Northampton
"The adjourned meeting to take into consideration the aims and wants of Smith College..."
1872 Dec. 10
Hampshire Gazette
"Dr. Hitchcock on the Smith College"
1873 Jan. 22
Springfield Daily Union
"Smith Female College -- The Preparations for the Opening..."
1875 July 6
[source unknown]
"Smith College Opened -- The Exercises, Yesterday..."
1875 July 14
Boston Herald
"Sophia Smith's Legacy -- Dedication of Smith College..."
1875 July 15
[source unknown]
Advertisement: "Smith College for Young Women..."


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