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American Traveller --reprint from Demorest's [July issue]
"A Glimpse of Social Life at Smith College."  Original article by Kate Sanborn , Professor of Literature at Smith College.
1883 June 23
The Morning Mail [Lowell]
"Smith College: Its Social, Physical and Religious Character -- Its Art Gallery -- The Attendance -- Need of More Accommodations -- The Teachers"  by  "G."
1883 June 25
Boston Journal
"President J. H. [sic] Seelye on 'The Education We Need.'"
1883 July 14
[Publication Unknown] -- reprinted from Harper's Magazine.
"Occupations of Women"
1883 August
Boston Journal
"A Terrible Accident.  Prof. Stuart Phelps Instantly Killed by the Discharge of His Gun"
1883 August 31
The Morning Mail [Lowell]
"A Day at Smith College"  by Rev. J. M. Greene, D.D.
1885 May 13
The Morning Mail [Lowell]
"The article of Rev. Dr. Greene on Smith College..." [Editorial comment on Greene's role in founding the college]
1885 May 13
[Publication Unknown]
"Women as College Presidents" 
1885 July
[Publication Unknown]
"At Smith College:  Dedication of the New Scientific Building, the Gift of A. T. Lilley of Florence -- The Unfinished Observatory -- The Class Reunions"
1886 June 22
[Publication Unknown] -- reprinted from the Christian at Work.
"Miss Cleveland on the Smiths:  A Half-Playful, Half-Earnest Social Essay from the White House"  by Rose Elizabeth Cleveland.
1887 July 2
The Republican [Springfield]
"Rev. Dr. J.M. Greene of Lowell has prepared a history of the founding of Smith college, which is nearly ready for publication..."
1887 August
[Publication Unknown] -- reprinted from the New York Evening Post.
"The Hatfield Smiths:  Reminiscences of the Founder of Smith College"
1887 October
Gazette & Courier [Northampton] -- reprinted from the New York Evening Post.  "The Hatfield Smiths" 1887 November 8
Boston Journal
"Mt. Holyoke Seminary to Become a College for Women"
1887 December 2
[Publication Unknown]
"Progress in Woman's Education"  by Josiah H. Benton
Northampton Daily Herald
"George W. Hubbard [1818-88]:  President Seelye's Address at His Funeral in this City, May 1st"
1888 May 2
[Publication Unknown]
"George W. Hubbard's Will"
1888 May 2
[Publication Unknown]
"George W. Hubbard's Funeral"
1888 May 2
The Republican [Springfield]
"A Decisive Statement:  Concerning the Location of Smith College at Northampton"  by John M. Greene  [Letter to the editor]
1888 May 4
[Publication Unknown]
"Jumped into the River.  A Smith College Student Ends Her Life by Drowning"
1888 November 12
Letter written to Greene by D. W. Wells,  President of the Trustees of  Smith Charities," forwarding genealogical information about the Smith family.  The enclosures were not included in the scrapbook. 1890 December 26
[Publication Unknown] -- reprinted from Harper's Bazar.
"The Advance in a Century.  Great Strides in the Education of the Female Mind Within One Hundred Years"  by T. W. Higginson.
1891 March 11
Gazette & Courier [Northampton]
"The Early History of Smith College.  by R. Hubbard"  [Letter to the editor that was critical of Greene, which Greene rebutted by appending a handwritten note next to the article in the scrapbook]
1893 April 11
Northampton Daily Herald
"Hatfield.  Death of Dea. Hubbard's Widow [Philura T.]"
1894 May 12
The Daily Gazette
"Hatfield's New Hall:  In Memory of the Forefathers"
1894 May 31
The Republican [Springfield]
"Old Hatfield's Celebration.  The Dickinson Hall Dedicated with Interesting and Impressive Ceremonies -- Some Eloquent and Scholarly Addresses" 
1894 May 31
[Publication Unknown]
"An Honor Indeed.  Robinson Female Seminary, Exeter, N.H., Sees Its First Graudate Who is the Daughter of a Graduate"
1894 June 11
[Publication Unknown]
"Smith College Closes.  Review of the Year"
1894 June 19
The Independent
"A River Town [Hatfield] in Old Times"  by Mary Esther Miller.
1895 April 25
The Republican [ Springfield]
"Honored Its Founder:  Sophia Smith's 100th Birthday Observed by Smith College; Interesting Exercises at Northampton Yesterday -- Address by Dr. Greene and Response by the Faculty, the College Students and the City"
1896 May 27
Boston Advertiser
"Sophia Smith:  Her 100th Birthday Observed by Smith College; Exercises at Northampton -- Address by Dr. Greene"
1896 May 29
The Republican [Springfield]
"Smith College Girl Defies Papa and Marries Harry Bates"
1896 June 15
Harper's Bazar
"Smith College" by Mary A. Jordan  [Comprehensive overview]
The Republican [Springfield]
"Class Day at Smith College:  Gift for Academic Building, and Chemical Laboratory Will Be Erected This Year -- Two New Trustees Elected -- President Seelye Honored -- Fine Ivy Oration -- The Evening Concert -- Faculty Changes"
1898 June 21
The Republican [Springfield] -- reprinted from the Worcester Gazette. "Tribute to President Seelye" 1898 June 21
The Republican [Springfield]
"A Gift to President Seelye:  Loving Cup by the Trustees.  Dr. Greene's Pleasant Speech -- Class of 147 Graduates -- Oration by Dr. Twining"
1898 June 22
Boston Herald
"State Aid Not Desirable:  President Seelye Discusses the Taxation of Colleges"
1900 February 2
"Smith College...Plan of Grounds to Show the Botanic Garden"[Map] 1900 June
Fitchburg Sentinel
"Fitchburg's Grand Old Man [Rodney Wallace] Honored with a Public Reception on the Completion of His 25th Year as a Trustee of Smith College"
1903 January 7
[Publication Unknown]
"The College and the City:  Full Text of President Seelye's Argument before the Legislative Committee on College Taxation"
1906 March
The Republican [Spring field]
"Correction by Rev. Mr. Greene, Who Was Sophia Smith's Pastor at Hatfield"  by John M. Greene.  [Unequivocally states that the idea for a women's college came from him:  "She got the idea from me in 1861"]
1907 March 28
The Youth's Companion
"Why Girls Should Go to College"  by L. Clark Seelye, President of Smith College.
1907 May 16
The Sunday Herald [Boston]
"Smith's Agricultural School"
1907 October 6
The Sunday Herald [Boston]
"Object to Train Poor Boys of Northampton for Work of Life" [Includes references to the Agricultural School]
1907 October 6
Hampshire Gazette
"Hatfield" [Within the local news is a parenthetical commentary  explaining why Northampton, rather than Hatfield, came to be the seat of Smith College]  [see also January 17]
1911 January 9
Boston Herald
"History's Error"  [Juxtaposed by Greene to the article above; see 1911 January 9.
1911 January 17
Daily Hampshire Gazette
"Gleanings from Diary of John M. Greene"  by John  M.  Greene
1916 April 22
Daily Hampshire Gazette
"What Was Sophia Smith's Gift for Her College?"  by  J.  M.  Greene
1918 April 25


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