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John M. Greene Papers

    Series 5: Published Writings

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Writings by JMG that were published in periodicals:  Includes his "Early History of Smith College" [a twelve-part series appearing in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, 1891-93], also correspondence related to it; a "Sketch of the Life and Character of Miss Sophia Smith"; "An Inside View of Smith College," published in a Lowell, Massachusetts newspaper in 1882, and other occasional pieces. 


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Folder 1
click to view Daily Hampshire Gazette
"Sketch of the Life and Character of of Miss Sophia  Smith, Founder of Smith College."
1875 August 3
Folder 2
click to view Daily Hampshire Gazette:
"Early History of Smith College."  [series of twelve articles]
1891 July 31  - 
1893 April 12
Folder 3
Correspondence related to JMG's writing of his "Early History of Smith College."
click to view William S. Tyler and Edwards A. Park to JMG 1881 December 1
click to view L. Clark Seelye and George W. Hubbard to JMG 1882 Jan. 13
click to view Edwards A. Park  to JMG 1882 January 20
click to view Edwards A. Park  to JMG  [On the verso is a note by Greene, dated March 10, regarding a meeting and further discussions with Park about his history.] 1882 March 4
click to viewview transcript JMG to William S. Tyler  1882 March 11
click to viewview transcript William S. Tyler to JMG 1882 March 14
click to view JMG to Henry M. Tyler 1913 January 15
click to view JMG  to Helen French Greene, his daughter.  [On the verso is a letter by JMG to Daniel W. Wells, dated September 25, 1911, regarding the issue of locating the college in Hatfield as described by JMG in his written history] 1913 April 8 and  26
Folder 4
click to view Lowell Daily Courier
"An Inside View of Smith College."
1882 November 21
Folder 5
click to viewview transcript Letter: JMG to Bertha H. Holden
[Transcript is the text of the letter as printed in a Smith College publication of unknown date under the title "John M. Greene to a Freshman of 1902"]
1897 September 28
click to view Daily Hampshire Gazette 
"Gleanings from the Diary of John M. Greene"
1916 April 22
Folder 6
click to view "Address at the Centennial of the Birth of Sophia Smith" 1896 May 27
view transcript From a newspaper report of JMG's "Address at the Centennial of the Birth of Sophia Smith" [1896]


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