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Feb. 24, 1881. 

A few rules to help parents. 

I. Never to lose your temper with a child. He then feels your anger more than his sin. 

II. Never frighten a child so as to make him tell a lie the next time he has done something that he thinks would displeasure you. 

III. Make up [Decide] your mind what are the sins which are displeasing in God's sight and be careful in checking (connecting] them. Don't shake (threaten) & storm at a child; it frightens or confuses him, but does not make him sorry for what he has done; he will do the same sin (deed] again, if he is quite sure you won't find it out. What is wanted is to teach him to see his fault and, touch his heart with contrition in view of it. 

IV. Be sure (try] and keep your child's love. Make a difference between sin & the sinner. We must follow Christ in using love & sorrow to reclaim a child rather than anger & blows. 

V. Try & be even in your temper and conduct. Don't scold a child more one day because you are tired & less another because you are in good spirits. 
What is really wrong must be wrong every day; and if you don't want a child to come into the room one day, you should not scold him, but tell him gently what your reason is, then he will see that you are wise & not think you cross and unreasonable. 

* words in brackets were crossed out 

finding aidoriginal