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Hatfield Nov. 21st 1857.
My dear Wm. 

Sat. eve. comes round more - stealthily & rapidly than it used to. Three times it has come to us in the parsonage & each time it has found us happy in our home-- Oh, there is nothing in the wide world to compare with a home. John is the best of husbands & he thinks me a very good wife-- & so say all the new husbands & wives from the days of Adam and Eve. But the thing in wh. we hope to be unlike some of them at least, is in always thinking as we do now. 

Things go along pleasantly in the parish-- The people have called upon us much more than we expected. Tues. & Wed. we accepted invitations to tea. Thurs. eve. John has a lecture. The first two were given in the school-room as the town hall could not be obtained but by hiring. This week money has been raised for hiring the hall twenty dollars was the required sum. This act has pleased us-- we think it betokens good. 

We have little Mary with us & a better little girl there never was-- she is so far even more than we expected of her. I hope we may prove a great blessing to her. You don't know how warm my heart is toward her. I do not think I should feel more solicitude for an own child. We are all anticipating a Thanksgiving dinner at father Greene's & a visit the next day at our other father's. Wish you were going to be there. Please give much love to the Boston friends from us. 

John has a severe cold to-night & I have just tucked him into bed under a pile of blankets and comfortables to "take a sweat". He has a splendid study. I wish you could look in upon our home. I am very well-- do my own work with Mary's help. 

Write me after your visit at B. What is cos. Wm. doing? When is Cos. Martha going to Phil? 

I must bid you good night. The love of the family to you.  

Your aff. sister, 


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