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East Bloomfield. Apr. 10th. 1854

My dear Father,

Ever since I had a dollar to call my own you have been my banker. The first note in which you promised to pay L.D. on bearing $1. on demand with interest, was a very weighty matter in my estimation then, though it was consumed long ago and several of its successors have shared a like fate. The one or two that remain, register a not much greater number of dollars than "Father Time" has recorded years of my life but drops make the ocean and sands the mountain - however I have no idea of ever being rich, I am not ambitious in that direction. Now, father, I was going to say, that if I had ten times as much money as I have I should rather deposit it with you than in any Bank and also, to ask you if you are willing to take care of what little I have for a few years to come. I shall be very grateful for the favor. I find on consulting my account book, that I am your debtor yet to the amount of about five dollars, which money I will send you the next time I write home. In this letter I shall enclose sixty dollars.
My vacation passed swiftly and pleasantly. I feel very much recruited. My last term begins today. Twelve weeks will soon be gone and then, if my life is spared, I shall hie me home. Just one year ago this week Thursday since I left Amherst.
I suppose William is at home now with plenty of time to write letters. It has been a month and more since his last message was welcomed. I wonder if he knows it?

I hope you and mother will not work hard this summer. It seems to me there is no necessity for it.

Give my love to all and think of me as your aff. daughter 

finding aidoriginal