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HOLYOKE SEM., May 28, 1857.  

My Dearest, -- My heart is with you this evening and I cannot resist its warm impulsions to write you a little note.  It is so delightful to feel the glow of love and I am a great deal happier when I do not repress it -- when I put my arms around your neck and tell you that I love you, or when I cannot do that, let my pen be my tongue & lips.  I have sometimes tried to quench my love, lest I should love too devotedly -- but there is no danger of that.  Oh, no there cannot be -- the only danger is that God will not be loved as we ought to love him.

I have been thinking about you, today especially.  You must be in trouble, at least in doubt respecting your duty.  I have thought it possible you might think my preferences were in favor of H[atfield] as our future field of labor. It is true when I have compared the two places D[eerfield] & H[atfield] the latter has seemed the most inviting, but I think it has not appeared so from the fact of its presenting a wider sphere of usefulness. It has seemed as if we might have more of the luxuries of life were we to go there. Oh, I have been altogether selfish. I know the hearts of the D[eerfield] people are set upon you, & the more I meditate upon it, the more I think it may be best for us to labor there. If those Unitarians can be won to Christ, & perhaps they may, what a glorious work it would be! My Love, I feel willing to go there or anywhere with you. I shall be glad to go. Let us forget ourselves in deciding this question. Oh, how hard it is to he assured of the will of our Master at a such a time as this!  Let us pray very much, I do love to pray for you, and if we seek aright we shall not be left to our loving [?].  Do not suffer these things to make you unhappy.  If we are to labor for Christ he will tell us in what portion of his vineyard we can do the most for him, and he will take care of his us.

Oh, John, we can be as happy on a salary of six hundred dollars as of a thousand. Our comfort now is at the Mercy Seat. I love to feel that we have a kind of Father in heaven who knows all things.

I shall see you with Tues. eve. I hope.  Oh, it is hard to have my body [?] when my heart does not inhabit it.  I love you Dearest.

Good Night.

Your own Louisa

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