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HOLYOKE SEMINARY, Oct. 28th, 1856.  

My Own John, --Another Tuesday evening finds me at my table with a happy heart, writing to the one I love.  I do enjoy these sessions, even if my thoughts must be often times hurriedly expressed, and much that I would write, unwritten.  I can tell you that I love you--love you more every day of my life.  What comfort I take in looking at your ambrotype. It is an excellent picture, perfect I think, & I take a look at it several times a day. I keep it in a drawer and sometimes when passing it, I am irresistibly drawn towards it, and it is a real joy when I can open it and think of you.  I was glad to hear of your safe arrival in Amherst, and to know that your visit here was a pleasant one. I enjoyed every minute of it--but I said some things which I have regretted. 

I do not think I have cherished quite the right spirit.  It seems to me it has been far from right.  Last sabbath I thought of the beautiful discipline of Charity in [Cor.?] of this sentence especially "[--keth] not her own."  I do think I am now willing, can even rejoice to have others excel me in every good thing.  I shall be happy if I only do my duty.  I do desire to have my heart right; holiness, not worldly wisdom is what God most delights to behold in his children.   

I have no wish to teach after finishing the course here. A home with you somewhere, it matters not where if God selects and appoints it, is what my heart is fixed upon. But if our Eden is not ready for us till the Spring or Summer following my leaving the Sem. I think it would be well for me to teach if I have a good opportunity. But I shall think nothing of it until the year is gone. I wish to feel right and then I shall surely act right. A home with you! Oh, when I dwell on the thought, I wish the days away. But how much you have to enjoy now!  How good God has been to us.  My health is very much better than when I left home and I am very happy.  I think you health is better than it has been in the last year, and you too are happy.  If we do right, I feel certain of a happy future. 

I thank you for the information concerning Raphael. Transfiguration was the word I wanted. Miss Jessup has requested her class in Trigonometry to work out the process of finding logarithms. I have an idea of the manner of doing it, from Rob's Algebra, but it seems to me the process is so long that I shall never get time for it here. Can you give me any hints that will aid me? I like the study much better than I expected to. I am thankful every day to the kind Providence that guided me here. I feel as if my heart would be drawn out to Jesus here--Oh, I know I have been a very imperfect Christian, and I long for a rich experience in divine things.   

To-morrow we change rooms.  When I hoped to be settled with Lu. for a companion.  Mr. [Rogan?] has been here to-day and says Thanksgiving will be in three weeks.  I was rejoiced by the news.  I shall have a good visit at home, for you will be there. 

I must bid you good night my dear John--I love you--love you. 

Your own 


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