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Grant Family Papers: Folders  23 & 24

    John Grant: Letters to Zilpah P. Grant Banister,  1844 - 1858


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Folder 23: DATE:
Note: "Shall he visit friends in Philadelphia for the winter? Met the eldest son of the [?] in a hydropathic establishment, as his legs are paralyzed.  'Father and mother are Quakers but are excellent people in every (other) respect.' Asks advice" 1844  November  7
Note: "Regrets her illness; Martha's illness; will leave 'this tutorship' if he can find anything better" 1850  January  21
Note: "Regrets her illness; will not visit her because of it; One brother has started for Californai via the Isthmus; another is getting tired of gold-digging and thinking of looking for something less laborious 1850  May  13
Note: Has given up his teaching at Yale and is going to look for another job. 1850  August  19
Note: About the school he has started in Newark. Hopes to have fourteen pupils; has room for fifteen; now has seven. Lives in two rooms; spent $250 fitting up classroom. 1850  October  21
Note: Has eleven pupils; sure of fifteen next quarter. Gives instruction in Bible everyday. Heard "Swedish Nightingale" [Jenny Lind] in Messiah -- was "greatly delighted." 1850  November  13
Note: Asking Mrs. B. to arrange a meeting between him and Miss R. in Boston. 1850  December  21 
1850  December  28 
Note: School goes well. Thinks of keeping academy building, not for his school but to run it for the good of the city. What about Miss Robinson for the "female department?" 1851  January  25 
Note: Proposes to visit her next week unless she will visit him; staying at a pupil's home. 1851  April  1 
Note: About shirts which she will make him. Expects to visit her next week. 1851  April  5
Note: About some packages and money lost in connection with her visit to him. 1851  May  9
Note: Rejoicing over the finding of the lost money. 1851  June  9 
Note: Thinks he will not try to see them (her and uncle) in Mt. Holly. Hopes they will stop with him or he can see them in New York. 1851  June  14 
Note: About family visiting and a celebration at Litchfield with a poem by Rev. J. Pierpont and sermon by Rev. Dr. Bushnell. 1851  August  15
Note: Only ten in his school thus far; a little discouraged. Troubled by diffidence. Hackensack River bridge burned. Ferry used instead. Shall he study law while teaching "this money-loving as well as money-making place" 1851  September  22 
  [with postscript dated  
           September 24]
Note: School only ten; charges $1,000 a year may be too much "so few gentlemen educate their sons except for Russians"; Is thinking of moving to Brooklyn next year. 1851  December  17
Note: "My School seems to be in excellent repute but such prices can be paid by very few here." Expects to move to New York next summer. "I have no doubt Newark is one of the worst of places to bring up children in." Mr. Opdyke as backer; Mr. David P. Baker advises him; No agreeable society in Newark. Mac Knight has not gone to China but is much interested in mission work. 1852  January  31 
Note: Will send some money on account; two Knight sisters; Miss Elizabeth Knight was engaged to Dr. Taylor, now free. I mihgt step in but see sufficient reason as I think, for not doing so. "Miss Ina Kinght I might love; I doubt not, if her plan did not present an unsuperable obstacle." One pupil died -- fear not so profitable as he had hoped. 1852  March  9
Note: Enclosing $5.00 to square accounts.  1852 March 27
Note: He has delivered her note to Miss Knight, who is busy getting ready to go away. Did she receive his banknote for $5.00 1852  May  4
Note: Intends to stay in Newark another year; details about pupils and his manner of living. 1852  July  14
Folder 24
Note: About a governess for Mr. James Low's family. To remove his school to New York. 1853  June  17              [including a  school brochure]
Note: Sympathy in family affairs: "My engagements in this place close two weeks from tomorrow." "I am perfecting my arrangements in N[ew] Y[ork]." 1853  June 30
Note: Sympathy in the death of her husband, "Uncle Banister." 1853 July 11
1853  November  19
1853  November  22
  1854  January 20
1854  February  14
1854  March  13
1854  May  9
1854  May  27
1854  June  2
1854  June  5
1854  June  26
1854  July  4
1854  July  22
1854  December  27
1856  September  16
1856  October  30
1856  November  24
1856  December  6
1856  December  7
1857  March  14
Note: From Canton , Ohio; To be married to the "lady of my choice" sometime next month. 1857  July  18
Note: Married five weeks today. Has sold his school and paid his debt to her and is looking for a new job. 1857  September  24
Note: About money sent in payment of a loan. Fears that Mr.s Hill to whose care it was sent is involved in a failure. 1857  October  9
Note: About financial matters; about his reading aloud with Gertrude. 1857  December  3
Note: About buying and developing a place in Newark; possibly a school.  1858  March  16
Note: From Westfield to Boston; about a loan in Newark. 1858  March  23
Note: From City Point, South Boston. Gertrude is not well nor equal to a visit to her, but he will try to bring about a meeting. They are visiting uncles named Day of the "American Whip Company" there and in Westfield. Mr. Lawrence lacks water to saw lunber. 1858  March  26

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