Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:25:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Peter Nelson <>
Subject: UPDATE on 5 College Archives Digital Access Project

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Since the last update, several new archival and manuscript collections at
Mount Holyoke College have come online, and work here will soon be done.

* Mary Lyon Collection - Correspondence and Writings, 1818-1849
        4,113 items.  Completed June 8

Though not completely capturing the Mary Lyon Collection, the online
version presents a complete and faithful reproduction of its two most
important series: Correspondence dated 1818-1849, and published and
unpublished Writings from 1821-1848. Correspondents include Catherine E.
Beecher, Zilpah P. Grant Banister, Daniel Safford, Andrew W. Porter, and
Edward Hitchcock.  (The entire correspondence series is also available on
microfilm.)  Included in the Writings series are Mary Lyon's "circulars"
(1834-1840), which describe her views on women's education and give the
public a prospectus of the kind of educational community she envisioned at
the M.H. Female Seminary;  and Lyon's "Missionary Offering," a 103-page
book published in 1843.

* Record Group 2 - "Origins and Governance," 1843-
        1,656 items.  Completed July 14

Origins and Governance is an artificial record group containing relating
to the origin, development and governance of Mount Holyoke College.  In
this record group can be found information on the Committee of 1834,
formed to decide the name and site of the original Mount Holyoke Female
Seminary and to apply to the Massachusetts legislature for an act of
incorporation.  Also included are documents related to college's charter;
name changes in 1888 and 1893; rules and regulations of the College
(including parodies on the rules); information on and specimens of College
heraldry (colors, seal, logo); reports, studies and minutes by various
committees including the Committee of Decision-Making, the Fact Finding
Committee on Coeducation, and self-studies and reports related to
accrediting bodies. RG 2 includes much information on coeducation,
including articles, correspondence, questionnaires and reports from Mount
Holyoke as well as other institutions.  (Records created less than 25
years ago are restricted and therefore not accessible online; likewise
published articles after 1951, which still have copyright restrictions.)

To supplement the coeducation records in RG 2, we have also digitized a
small body of additional materials from the following college record

* 4.17 Office of President David B. Truman. Subject Files:  Coeducation.
1960-1978 (bulk 1969-1978) (2 folders).  Excludes materials dated
        310 items.  Completed July 31

* 7.12 Office of the Dean of Students Subject Files : Coeducation :
Dartmouth Coed Week, 1969. (1 folder)
        87 items.  Completed July 22

We have now begun the last Mount Holyoke collection, the Zilpah P. Grant
Banister Papers.  After that the project moves on to the Amherst College
annual catalogues (1822-1900), then on to Smith.

As always, I welcome comments and questions.


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