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Office of the Dean of Students

    Coeducation subject files, 1968-1969

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This electronic collection represents only a very small subset (1 folder) of a much larger body of archival records from the office of the Dean of Students. This material has been selected for digital access primarily because of its relevance to other coeducation materials digitized at Mount Holyoke College.

Series Description

The first part of the file consists of correspondence of the Dean of Students as well as MHC's Coordinator of Student Activities concerning MHC women's attendance at Dartmouth College's Senior Symposia program, Nov. 15-16, 1968, whose topic was "Focus on the New Morality."  This program may have served as a precursor to the main event to which most of the documents in this file refer, "Coed Week" at Dartmouth College, Jan. 26-31, 1969, at which more than 1,000 college women from the northeast region were in attendance.  Its main purpose was to make Dartmouth aware of the implications of pending coeducation there. The materials in the file include MHC women's responses to questionnaires; reports; lists of participants; and other program materials.

Related Materials

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Dean of Students Office: Subject Files Date: 
Coeducation: Darmouth Coed Week, 1969.
Seymour, Thaddeus (Dean - Dartmouth College)
TLS to Dean Ruth E. Warfel; + note + reply
1968 October 25
Kinsey, David N.
TLS (copy) to Dean Ruth Warfel; + note + reply
1968 October 24
"Senior Symposia" n.d.
"Fall Focus - The New Values" [1968] November 14, 15, 16
Seymour, Thaddeus (Dean - Dartmouth College)
TLS to Rita Byrne (Coordinator of Student Activities)
1968 December 7
Seymour, Thaddeus (Dean - Dartmouth College)
TLS to Dean Ruth E. Warfel
1969 January 21
Sample questionnaires on Dartmouth Co-Education Week n.d.
"An Appraisal of Co-ed Week" by Charles A. Dailey
including Questionnaire,  results, and "Where It's Happening"
1969 February
"Coed Week Eve - Memo to All Dormitory Coordinators" [1969 January]
Master Address List for Coed Week 1969 [1969 January]
Meals List (F1) [1969 January]
Dorm List (D1-D4) [1969 January]
Eliminations List (E1-E2) [1969 January]
Master List of Everyone Registered (M1-M4) [1969 January]
Bus List (B1-B3) [1969 January]
Dartmouth Coed Week Bus List [1969 January]
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