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    Series 8: Coeducation

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Box 6, Folder 5:
Articles, Reports, etc. 1980-1984
not available Dallas Morning News:
"Women learn to do 'anything'"
1980 Jan. 27
not available [Chicago?] Sun-Times:
"Women's colleges: Future isn't prim"
1980 March 4
not available Holyoke Transcript-Telegram:
"The campus with no men issues unique challenge
1980 April 24
not available Ms.:
"Are Women's Colleges Sexist?"
1980 Sept.
not available Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
"'The Case for Women's Colleges'"
1980 Nov. 19
not available NY Times:
"Women's Colleges Show New Strength"
1981 April 28
Women's College Coalition (Washington, DC): 
"A Study of the Learning Environment at Women's Colleges"
1981 Spring
not available [Pittsburgh] Post-Gazette:
"The arguments for women's colleges"
1981 August 5
not available San Diego Union:
"Expert Says Games Give Boys Edge in Math"
1982 Jan. 18
not available Time:
"Columbia Decides to Go Coed"
1982 Feb. 1
Conference brochure: "Towards Equitable Education for Women and Men: Models From the Past Decade," Skidmore College 1983 March 11, 12
not available Hartford Courant:
"'Seven Sisters': Finding a Way to Survive"
1982 March 28
not available Minneapolis Star and Tribune:
"Women's colleges keep minds open, Holyoke president says"
1982 April 21
not available House and Garden:
"Fear of numbers - how to lick it"
1982 May
not available Christian Science Monitor:
"Wheaton curriculum attempts to correct gender bias in education"
1983 June 20
not available Twin Cities:
"Adding It Up" (enrollment at women's colleges)
1982 June
not available San Angelo [Texas] Times:
"Women's colleges alive and prospering"
1982 August 30
not available Campus Connection (Amherst, Mass.):
"Women's Colleges: What Place Feminism in the Eighties?"
1982 Nov. 10
not available Holyoke Transcript-Telgram:
"Why a women's college?"
1983 April 27
not available Town & Country:
"The Five Sisters"
1983 June
not available Christian Science Monitor:
"Women's colleges remain a vibrant force in education ... while remaining men's colleges are satisfied with their status"
1983 June 20
not available Los Angeles Times:
"For Women Only - New Challenges"
1983 July 3
Brochure: "Excellence in Education for Women ("Five Sisters" colleges) (see also 1986 version below) ca. 1983-1984
not available Working Woman:
"A New Breed of Leader"
1983 Sept.
not available Bristol (Va.) Herald-Courier:
"All-Female Colleges Revitalized"
1983 Nov. 24
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.):
"What's a nice man doing in a place like Mount Holyoke?" (exchange student Barry A. Frank)
1984 June 8
not available NY Times:
"The All-Male College Vanishing"
1984 Aug. 21
not available Young Woman
"Coming Out On Top"
not available Chronicle of Higher Education:
"Women's Colleges Show Renewed Vigor After Long, Painful Self-Examination"
1984 Sept. 12
not available Janet Zollinger Giele: "Coeducation or Women's Education: New Findings on a Perennial Question" (paper, Heller School, Brandeis Univ.)  1984 March
Box 6, Folder 6:
Articles, Reports, etc. 1985-1989
not available [Philadelphia?] Inquirer:
"Women's colleges show up the doomsayers"
1985 Feb. 10
Women's College Coalition: '67/'77: A Profile of Recent Women's College Graduates 1985 Feb. - March
not available USA Today:
"Women's colleges spell success"
1985 March 21
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette:
"Women's college graduates give views on work, schools"
1985 March 22
not available San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle:
"Women's colleges coming back while men's are going out"
1985 Nov. 10
not available Boston Sunday Globe:
"Women's colleges: still a 'unique adventure'"
1986 Dec. 14
Brochure: "Excellence in Education for Women ("Five Sisters" colleges) (see also 1983 version above) ca. 1986
Mount Holyoke News:
"Why a women's college? A look at our role, our mission and our viability as a college for women"
1987 March 5
Mount Holyoke News:
"The co-ed controversy re-emerges"
1987 March 12
not available "Remaining women's colleges cautiously open their doors to men" 1987 March [13?]
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.):
"Smith, Mount Holyoke stand firm as Wheaton goes co-ed"
1987 March 25
not available "Women are given better start in life by attending women's colleges" 1987 March 30
not available Boston Globe:
"Educators cite bias against women"
1987 April 12
not available Sunday Republican (Springfield, Mass.):
"Co-education can help keep women subordinate"
1987 April 12
Mount Holyoke News:
"Panel centers on coeducation controversy"
1987 April 30
not available NY Times:
"Women Excel in First Class" (Columbia College)
1987 May 14
not available Tennesean (Nashville, Tenn.):
"Student of prior all-female school fighting coeducational decision" (Seton Hill College)
1987 May 24
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Wheaton, Goucher to accept men"
1987 June 11
not available Daily News:
"Deerfield Academy Considers Going Coed"
1987 May 29
not available Denver Post:
"Mount Holyoke defends women's colleges"
1987 July 27
not available Holyoke (Mass.) Transcript-Telegram:
"Women's colleges: Mount Holyoke still going strong after 150 years"
1987 Nov. 2
not available Boston Globe:
"Dartmouth sets its sights on 50-50 enrollment ratio"
1987 Nov. 17
not available Springfield (Mass.) Sunday Republican:
"Not equal opportunity, but every opportunity"
1987 Nov. 22
Mount Holyoke News:
"Women's college alumnae speak out: pros and cons"
1987 Dec. 10
not available Boston Globe:
"When a women's college decides to go coed"
not available NY Times:
"Are women's colleges obsolete?"
1988 March 17
not available NY Times:
"We Need Both Single-Sex and Coed Schools" (Letter)
1988 March 25
not available NY Times:
"Alumnae Back School Sex Barriers"
1988 March 30
not available Chronicle of Higher Education:
"Women's Colleges: Getting Out the Good Word" (Women's College Coalition)
1988 May 25
not available Albuquerque (NM) Journal:
"Mount Holyoke College Men Say 'It's Not Quite So Fun'"
1988 May 2
not available USA Today:
"We're Turning Out Tomorrow's Leaders" (interv. with Ellen Futter)
1988 Sept. 7
not available Wall Street Journal: 
"Studies Link Subtle Sex Bias in Schools With Women's Behavior in the Workplace"
1988 Sept. 16
Mount Holyoke News:
"Acupuncture, crime and women's colleges"
1988 Sept. 29
Mount Holyoke News:
"Why a Women's College?"
1988 Nov. 10
Mount Holyoke News:
Readers' responses to "Why a Women's College?"
1988 Nov. 17
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Seven Sisters evolve into Seven Siblings"
1988 Dec. 5
not available Boston Globe:
"Colby-Sawyer to admit men next year" 
1989 April 4
not available NY Times:
"Women at Princeton, 20 Years Later"
1989 April 5
not available NY Times:
"Phys. Ed.'s Changed Since It Went Coed"
1989 April 6
not available Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.):
"Women still defer to men in class"
1989 May 22
not available Washington Post:
"The Case for an All-Male VMI"
1989 June 4
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Where have all the smart women gone?"
1989 June 7
not available NY Times:
"Women's colleges are dwindling, but their supporters can still make a case"
1989 June 14
not available Andover Bulletin:
"The streets and sidewalks of coeducation: Sixteen years after the Abbot merger"
1989 Summer
Mount Holyoke News:
"Mount Holyoke Going Co-Ed?" (letter)
1989 Nov. 16
Box 6, Folder 7:
Articles, Reports, etc. 1990-1994
not available NY Times:
"After 121 Years, Don't Admit Men Now, Students Say" (Chatham College)
1990 Feb. 18
not available NY Times:
1990 April 11
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Studies show females who attend women's colleges go further in life"
1990 April 25
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Protesting Mills, Wellesley women deserve a kind word"
1990 May 15
List of women's colleges 1990
not available Washington Post:
"The Role of Women's Schools"
1990 May 16
not available Boston Globe:
"Women students fight to preserve single-sex colleges"
1990 May 17
not available Boston Globe:
"The Case for Single-sex Colleges"
1990 May 20
not available Time:
"Dollars, Scholars and Gender"
1990 May 21
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"What's behind the 'better dead than coed' attitude?"
1990 May 25
not available NY Times:
"Women's Colleges Have Much to Offer" (2 letters)
1990 July 1
not available Connection (New Eng. Board of Higher Education):
"For Women Only? Single-sex Colleges Weigh the Coed Option" [fragment]
1990 Winter
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Switch to co-ed status still draws mixed reviews" (Colby-Sawyer C.)
1990 Sept. 5
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union-News:
"Interest growing again over value of all-girls schools"
1991 Jan. 20
Mount Holyoke News:
"Financial woes cannot justify switch to co-educational status"
1991 May 2
Mount Holyoke News:
"Issue of coeducation draws students to rally at faculty meeting"
1991 Oct. 31
College Street Journal (MH College):
"Trustee Chair Addresses Coeducation Question"
1991 Nov. 8

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