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    Series 8: Coeducation

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Contains general information about coeducation, and the possibility of coeducation at Mount Holyoke College. Includes articles, questionnaires, correspondence and reports about coed and single sex education generated both by Mount Holyoke College and other institutions. Includes materials from the Dartmouth College Coed Week in 1969. 

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Box 6, Folder 1: [Cross-Reference sheets] Date: 
Box 6, Folder 2:
Articles, reports, etc. 1923-1970
NY Times: [n.t.] 
"Is College education for women a factor...?"
1923 Feb. 11
Atlantic Monthly
"The Question of the Women's Colleges"
1927 Nov.
Christian Science Monitor
"Women's Colleges Look Ahead"
1946 April 6
NY Times:
"Education in Review: SurveyIndicates Difficulty..."
1946 April 14
Daily News
"Mt. Holyoke, Smith Cool to Idea of Coeds"
1946 April 29
NY Herald Tribune
"Dean at Michigan U. Defends Both Coed..."
1946 Dec. 1
NY Times:
"Young Women Ready for College Enrollment..."
1947 Jan. 12
Malden (Mass.) News:
"Women's Colleges in America"
1948 March 2
Richmond (Va.) News-Leader:
"Liberal Arts Colleges Teach 'How to Think'"
1949 May 12
Christian Science Monitor
"Educating Our Daughters"
1950 April 15
Holyoke Transcript - Telegram:
"Where Women's Colleges Lead"
1950 Nov. 11
Boston Sunday Globe:
"Women's College Graduates Seen in Great Demand"
1951 Jan. 28
not available Springfield Union
"Mt. Holyoke Ranks High in Producing Young Scientists"
1952 Oct. 2
not available Springfield Union
"Mt. Holyoke Among Top Six in Production of Scholars"
1952 Dec. 25
not available Holyoke Transcript - Telegram:
"Mrs. Lamont's Gifts to Women"
1953 Jan. 3
not available Chicago Daily News
"School Without Men Can Be Best, Girls"
1955 June 30
not available Newsweek:
"Triumph of the Fair Co-Ed"
1957 Sept. 23
not available NY Times Magazine
"Are Women's Colleges Obsolete?"
not available Holyoke Transcript - Telegram:
"A loss We Can't Afford"
1961 March 22
not available University College Quarterly:
"The Furor Over Women's Education"
1963 May
not available Psychiatry:
M. Freedman, "Some Theoretical and Practical Implications of a Longitudinal Study of College Women"
1963 May
not available College and University Journal
F. Armstrong, "The Woman's College"
1963 Jan.
not available Esquire:
"Where the Girls Are"
1964 June
not available Life:
"How the Girls Really Are"
1965 Dec. 17
not available Constitution
"Women's Colleges Help Career Choice"
1966 Oct. 5
Richard Glenn Gettell (MHC President):
"What Price Coeducation?" (address: The College Club, Boston)
1967 March 30
David Riesman:
"Dilemmas of the Educated Woman" 
(Commencement address, MHC)
1968 June 2
not available [Press?], Bristol, Conn.:
"Colleges End Years of One Sex Tradition"
1969 Aug. 19
not available Hartford Courant:
"Girls Find Trinity Still a Man's World"
1969 Sept. 12
not available Boston Herald Traveler:
"Williams to admit Women Transfers"
1969 Oct. 11
MHC Fact-Finding Committee on Coeducation: 
Faculty questionnaire: See Series 7, Box 4, Folder 6
1969 Nov. 17
not available [Boston] Sunday Herald Traveler:
"The Ivy-Type Coed Colleges Are..."
1970 March 1
David B. Truman (MHC President):
"The Single Sex College - In Transition?"
(speech - American Alumni Council Special Conference)
1970 May 3-5
MHC Press release: Report issued by Fact-Finding Committee on Coeducation 1970 Dec. 4
Box 6, Folder 3:
Articles, reports, etc. 1971
not available NY Times:
"The Girls Are Having Second Thoughts"
1971 March 14
Charge to the Faculty Study Committee on the Principles of the College 1971 June 11
not available Hartford Times:
"Some Second Thoughts on Coeducation"
1971 July 4
Report - Delphi Study on "The Future of Women's Colleges in the United States," consisting of: 
  1. Summary
  2. Table of Responses to 21 Statements
  3. Table of Counter Arguments
  4. List of Panelists
1971 July
Report - Ad Hoc Committee on the Principles of the College 1971 Sept. 27
MHC press release: MHC Trustees vote to remain a college for women 1971 Nov. 6
Mount Holyoke Now
"Board of Trustees Unanimous Vote: Education for Women"
1971 Nov.
not available [Los Angeles Times?]:
"The Old World : Mt. Holyoke Refuses Men"
Box 6, Folder 4:
Articles, reports, etc. 1971-1979
not available Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette:
"Merits of Women's Colleges Give Coed Schools a Run"
1972 Jan. 16
not available Cumberland (Md.) Times:
"Lib Takes a Turn"
1972 Jan. 27
not available Parade
"Last in Line"
1972 Jan. 2
MHC press release: MHC president David Truman speech at MH Club of Rhode Island 1972 Feb 24
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union:
"It's Still a Man's World"
1972 Feb. 27
not available NY Times
"Salem is Another College Resisting Coed Approach"
1972 March 6
Polly Longsworth, "Women at the Five Colleges" 
(supp. to MH Alum. Qtly. et al.)
1972 Spring
not available NY Times Magazine:
"Mount Holyoke forever will be ... For Women Only"
1972 April 9
not available Hartford Courant:
"Plenty of Mileage Left For Women's Colleges"
1972 June 10
not available LA Times:
"Some Women's Colleges Buck the Coed Trend"
1972 Sept. 2
Educational Testing Service: "Information Regarding Status in 1972 of Colleges Which Were Women's Colleges in 1960" 1972 Sept.
MH Alumnae Quarterly:
"MH Alumnae Quarterly asks what is this thing called coeducation?"
1972 Winter
Marjorie Childers and Penny Martin (MHC faculty): Conference Report on Equal Opportunity for Women 1972 Dec. 18
not available Philadelphia Inquirer:
"Bryn Mawr's standards not diluted"
1973 March 31
not available Springfield (Mass.) Union:
"Amherst College Trustees Warm up to Coeducation"
1973 April 28
not available Holyoke Transcript - Telegram:
"Mount Holyoke Isn't Affected In Sex Discrimination Explanations"
1973 May 11
David Truman (MHC president): "A Tough Question: What Must Women's Education Be?" (convocation speech, pub. in MH Alum. Qtly.) 1973 Fall
not available Springfield (Mass.) Sunday Republican:
"Truman Cites Values in Board Ruling"
1973 Dec. 9
not available Christian Science Monitor:
"Co-ed tide ebbs"
1973 Dec. 28
not available Educational Record:
M. E. Tidball, "Perspective on Academic Women and Affirmative Action"
1973 Spring
not available NY Times:
"Haverford Rejects Coeducation Now; Backs Cooperation"
1974 Jan. 15
not available Chronicle of Higher Education
B. Littleton, "The Special Validity of Women's Colleges"
1973 Nov. 24
not available Science:
M. E. Tidball and V. Kistiakowsky, "Baccalaureate Origins of American Scientists and Scholars"
1976 August 20
MHC press release: Brochure for high school students, "Why A College For Women" 1977 Dec. 16
"Why A College for Women" (brochure) 1977 Oct.
not available Vogue:
"Why choose a women's college in these days of coed everything?"
1978 Sept.
not available NY Times:
"Women's Colleges Regain Appeal"
not available Chronicle of Higher Education:
"Coeducation May Place Women at a Disadvantage..."
1979 Jan. 8
not available Seventeen:
"Why Women's Colleges Are Bouncing Back!"
1979 Apr.
National Center for Education Statistics - Bulletin:
"Profile of Women's Colleges: Enrollment Statistics"
1979 Sept. 7
not available Christian Science Monitor:
"Women's schools produce thinkers, not dreamers"
1979 Oct. 30
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