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RG 2: Origins and Governance Records, 1834-

    Series 5: Heraldry 

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Description and information about the Mount Holyoke College color, seal and logo, includes samples of the color and many examples, photographs, drawings and proofs of the seal and logo. There are also articles and correspondence related to the history of the seal and the logo. 

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Preceding Folder 1: envelope containing 3 printing blocks or embossing stamps with MHC Seal.
Box 3, Folder 1: Date: 
Official Color
Bertha E. Blakely:    
TD, Mount Holyoke seal and College color
1941 Oct. 13
Sally Trabulsi: TLS to Elaine Trehub re: Mount Holyoke Blue  (attachment: ribbon swatch) 1989 July 24
Clipping: The Mount Holyoke, June 1893   
Re: Light blue decided as College color
1893 June
Fabric samples of Mount Holyoke College blue for hood lining 1938
Box 3, Folder 2:
  • X-Reference: Authorization letters relating to the official College logo, 1985-1987, are found in records of the Secretary of the College (LD 7083.5).  Access  restricted to office of origin for 50 years unless with permission.
Logo notes 1982 Sept.
Miscellaneous logo samples: general; 150 year anniversary; energy report [ca. 1950-1970]
Article: William J. Hannon, "Talk About Trademarks: Trademark Programs: Resistance to Change"  1967
Invoices related to printing of new logo 1967 Dec. - 1968 Jan.
Correspondence concerning request for permission to print logo in "Ivy Scene - '68" 1967 Dec. - 1968 Jan.
TL, Al Desrosiers to Elizabeth Brothers    
Re: repro proofs of MHC logo
1968 Sept. 27
TL, Mary E. Tuttle to Mrs. T. Archibald Eaton (alumna)   
Re: new logo
1968 July 3
Newspaper clipping: "Award Winning Symbols" (logos, including MHC's, designed by Malcolm Grear, Providence, RI, which have won awards), Springfield Union 1970 Apr. 2
Box 3, Folder 3:
College Seal
  • X-Reference: See also an article about Orra White Hitchcock's work on the seal [LD 7082.18 Hitchcock, Edward 1793-1864]
  • X-Reference: Information about the College seal, 1964-1973, is filed in records of the Secretary of the College [LD 7083.5].  Access  restricted to office of origin for 50 years unless with permission.
  • X-Reference: A pin bearing the MHC seal, probably made for Ada K. Smith [x-Class of 1881] as a wedding present, is filed in LD 7096.6 x1881 Smith / Museum Cases
Misc. notes and short articles on MH's seal 1937-1986
Note and correspondence re: meaning of MH's seal 1969
Article: "The College Seal," by Marion Marsh Randall. Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Feb. 1937, pp. 189-191[unannotated version] 1937 Feb.
Article: "The College Seal," by Marion Marsh Randall. Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Feb. 1937, pp. 189-191[annotated version] 1937 Feb.
Text of Psalm 144 (photocopy) n.d.
MHC Library: ALS to Miss Copeland enclosing brief history of seal 1931 Dec. 9
Notes on Trustee's vote on adoption of seal and color 1941 and n.d.
Florence Clement: TLS to Frank Licher, L.G. Balfour Co.   
Re: request of copy of seal
1949 Sept. 6
Helen MacM. Voorhees: correspondence to President Richard G. Gettell and Nassau China Company  
Re: seal for use on mugs
Article: "Palm Trees, Mountains Supply Symbolism of College Seal," MHC News 1962 Mar 16
Mary C. Thornton: TLS to R. G. Gettell   
Re: Use of College seal
1962 Apr. 30
Elaine L. Weygand (President's Office), TL to Mary C. Thornton.  Re: L.G. Balfour Company 1966 June
Correspondence re:  Tip Dorsel's proposed revisions to seal design 1966 Sept. 6, 1967 April 21
Archivist's note re: pillow case and stamped fabric, both depicting seal, placed in museum cases 1979 Nov. 29
Elizabeth T. Kennan (MHC President), TLS to Carol J. Blinn.  Re: 3 coppercut MHC seals received 1982 Dec. 29
"Symbols of Office" (excerpt from program for inauguration of Joanne V. Creighton as President) 1996 May
Article: "Students redefine meaning of college seal design," MHC News 1997 Nov. 7
Box 3, Folder 4:
Seal (cont'd)
Specimens of various MHC seals and unofficial seal-like emblems
Photograph reproduction of pencil vignette by Orra White Hitchcock, prepared for use on original MH Female Seminary certificates of graduation.  A simplified version of this vignette appears on the school's official seal. ( Original vignette is attached to a sample certificate in Mary Lyon's handwriting, filed in: LD 7080.3 Folio) [1837?]  
Photo: 1993
Photograph reproduction of vignette as used on MH diplomas, based on Orra White Hitchcock design n.d.
Vignette as published in MH Alumnae Quarterly 1937 Feb.
Transcription of Latin text of MH diploma 1930s?
3 photographs of American college banners, including MH's,  lining the walls of the reading room of the library at Louvain, France.  MH was one of 65 American colleges and universities that contributed to the restoration of the library after its destruction in World War I.  [See MH Telescope, May 1931] 1931
Photograph: stone tablet on wall of unidentified building n.d.
Nassau China Company: letter and proofs of new versions of MHC china pattern design 1958
China pattern design with colors penciled in n.d.
China pattern design in blue ink n.d.
Cover page of Centennial Supplement [to MHC News?] with College seal surrounded by the four class animal symbols (lion, pegasus, sphinx,  griffin)
10" x 14 3/4"
1937 May
MHC Christmas card with cover etching of Mary Lyon's birthplace n.d.

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