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RG 2: Origins and Governance Records, 1834-

    Series 4: Statutes, Rules and Regulations

1 box; 5 linear in. 

Series Description

Contains copies of rules and regulations in place at Mount Holyoke from the 1840's up through the present. There are also a small number of student opinions and accounts of these rules. Copies of the blue laws and fire law are also part of this series. The information on these laws includes correspondence and articles regarding parodies of the laws. 

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Box 2, Folder 1:  Date: 
Regulations, 1841 - 1920
Rules for the Sabbath 1841
Class of 1847 Daily Schedule 1884
Behavioral standards 
"Recorded Items", etc.
Miss Lyon's Standards for Absences [1849]
Genuine Regulations 
(Student's Correspondence)
"Rules at South Hadley Seminary" [1856?]
Schedule of bells [ca. 1864]
Rules: "Items of the First Class", etc. [1865?]
"Weekly Items" [1865?]
"Anniversary Items", etc. [1870]
Rules [ca. 1879]
Rules in use in 1874 n.d.
Regulations [ca. 1880s]
Regulations [1888-1890]
Regulations [1890-1896]
Regulations [1892-1896]
Mt. Holyoke College (rules) [1896-1901]
College Regulations [ca. 1897-1905]
Regulations of the Students' League [1898]
College Regulations [ca. 1903-1907]
Regulations for Students 1909-1910
Mount Holyoke College-House Regulations [ca. 1910-1920]
Box 2,  Folder 2:
Regulations, ca.1920-1994
Important Notice 1924 July
Questionaire [1920-1924]
Important Notice 1925 September
House Regulations 1925 September
Alumnae Guests Regulations 1926 December 1
Revised Rules 1927 April
Dean's Notice 
Alumnae Guest
1927 October 28
Administrative Regulations 1933
Administrative Regulations 1938
Administrative Regulations 1941
Notice re: Alumnae Guests 1942 October 13
Administrative Regulations 1945-1949
Administrative Regulations 1946 December 18
Regulations governing swimming, canoeing and sailing; with notes and corespondence 1952
Administrative Regulations 1950-1951
Changes and Additions to Administrative Regulations, 
Student Government Handbook
1954 May 7 
Changes and Additions to Administrative Regulations, 
Student Government Handbook
1955 June
Dean's Notice 
Regulation Revisions
1962 September 15
Administrative Regulations 
Dormitory Rules
"Why Rules?", etc. [1967]
Dean's Memo to Faculty 
re: Honor Code
1994 September
Box 2, Folder 3:
Information on Rules, 1846 - 1969
"The Education of Woman" 
Springfield Republican article
1864 May 25
Journal letters 1846
Student opinion of rules and reporting system 1887
Daily schedule 
Mount Holyoke News Bureau letterhead
[ca. 1962]
President's Report 1899-1900
No Smokes at Mount Holyoke [1920s]
Staying overnight at Amherst College
1946 October 25
Correspondence re: rule revisions 1954 March 20
President's letter to alumnae 1969 January 2
Box 2, Folder 4:
Book of Duties 1842-1846
Box 2, Folder 5:
Blue Laws and Fire Laws
"Fire laws of Mount Holyoke Seminary" (burlesque) 1934 January
"The Blue and Fire Laws of Mt. Holyoke Seminary" n.d.
"Seminary Literature" n.d.
"Blue Laws of Mt. Holoke Seminary" (parody) n.d.
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