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RG 2: Origins and Governance Records, 1834-

    Series 2: Charters and Acts of Incorporation

2 folders.
Chronological arrangement. 

Series Description

Records include copies of the 1836 Charter, summaries of Acts affecting Mount Holyoke and its Trustees, copies of the Act to Incorporate, other Acts, Statutes, Senate Reports and correspondence. 

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Box 1, Folder 2:  Date: 
Act of Incorporation
Original Charter is in the State House in Boston.
Included in this folder is the ribbon used to tie copies of the charter presented to Roswell G. Ham upon his inauguration as President of Mt. Holyoke College, Sept. 23, 1937, and to Joanne V. Creighton at her inauguration, May 5, 1996
Box 1, Folder 3:
Statutes, Acts and Related Material
Newsclipping re: marking of centenary of charter 1936
Summaries of Acts affecting Mount Holyoke and trustees 1973
Act of Incorporation 1836
Statutes concerning Corporations 1836
Act authorizing ability to hold additional property 1935
Copy of  Act appropriating aid to Mount Holyoke 1868
Correspondence with Secretary of Commonwealth 1936
Correspondence with Attorney Avery 1935
Act authorizing ability to hold property in any amount 1968
Correspondence related to copy of 1968 Act 1968
Correspondence from Attorney Lyon and statutes related to corporations 1970

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