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Mary Lyon Collection

    Series B: Writings and Documents

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Folder 1 Date:
"Duties respecting property" ca. 1833
Folder 2  Date:
Education; Teachers and Teaching
Female Education n.d.
"Schools for Adult Females" n.d.
"Motives to engage in teaching" n.d.
"To be done by teachers... " n.d.
"Duties of the teaching staff..." n.d.
Folder 3 Date:
"Family Record" n.d.
List of family members, and birthdates n.d.
Property inventory n.d.
Division of (Mary Lyon's parents') personal property n.d.
Folder 4: Personal miscellany Date:
Books and reading
"Catalogue of books left in charge of E. Caldwell..."  1833 or 1834
ML's notes and questions on Butler's Analogy [probably Joseph Butler, Analogy on Religion, 1833 ed.] n.d.
Education and Schooling
Schools attended by ML, 1814-1824 (list) [1833 Oct?]
Blair's lectures (extracts) n.d.
Folder 5: Personal miscellany (cont'd) Date:
"Journal of a Trip..." 1833 June 28-Oct. 10
Record of expenses of trip (Transcript of Page 4 only) 1833 June 28-Oct. 10
"Conversation" n.d.
"Table Talk" (about scientists) n.d.
Mary Lyon's will 1846
Folder 6: Religion Date:
Lyon's blessing [ca. 1843]
"Commandments" n.d.
Conversion of the World" 1844
"Philip's Guides" n.d.
"Soul of Christ" n.d.
"Sunday School Lessons" n.d.
"The Bible" n.d.
"Objects of Studying the Bible" n.d.
Notebook, untitled; appears to be notes on Biblical passages n.d.
Folder 7: Religion (cont'd) Date:
ML's notes of religious exercises
1846 June 4, Dec. 9, 13, 20
1847 Jan. 4 - Dec. 31
Folder 8: Religion (cont'd) Date:
ML's notes of religious exercises (cont'd):
1848 Jan. - Dec.
1849 Jan. 1 - Feb. 20
Undated or dating uncertain
Folder 9: Religion (cont'd) Date:
Copies of ML's remarks on religious subjects 
(incomplete set)

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