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Mary Lyon Collection

    Series B: Writings and Documents

      Sub-Series 5: Writings from Mount Holyoke Seminary, [1833?]-1848

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  Folder 1: 1833-[1839?] Date:
Notebook: plans for the proposed seminary [1833?]
Notes of plans... [1833?]
To cash received... [1836-1837?]
List of letters and circulars sent... [1836 or 1837]
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary 1837
To cash advanced... 1837 April - 1838 July
In furnishing the chambers... [notes for circular 4,  "Dear Madam"; see sub-series 1] [1836]
"Contributions towards  the furnishing of Sem. rooms -"
Circular to the young ladies... [ms. draft of the circular] 1837 Sept. 1
Notebook: various headings [1838?]
Notebook: "Daily Amounts" [1838?]
Report of the Teachers [1839?]
Folder 2: [1840]-1845 Date:
Courses of instruction [as printed in 1839-1840 catalogue] [1839]
Dining hall plan [after 1841 addition?] [1841?]
Notebook: record of expenses of the Seminary 1842-1843
Guest list: [1842 anniversary?] [1842?]
Applications for Eighth Year [1844]
Applications for Ninth Year [1845]
Memorandum: Domestic work [1844-1846]
Circles of domestic work [1845-1846]
Folder 3: 1845-1848 and undated Date:
Notebook: Candidates for teachers...; also, "Hints for myself" 1845-1847
Notebook: Ages of applicants; Rooms; and other topics 1846-1847
Notebook: Little items to be remembered 1847 Aug.-Sept.
Notes: Housekeeping hints; Recipes 1847
Record of supply of teachers 1847-1848
My dear missionary daughters... [located in Journal Notebook I] 1848 Oct.
Notes on curriculum and studies for each class (Junior, Middle, Senior) n.d.

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