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Mary Lyon Collection

    Series B: Writings and Documents

      Sub-Series 1: Published Writings, 1834-[1950?]

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Folder 1: Circular Publications Date
     NOTE: "Circulars" were originally issued between 1834 and 1840 (though the term "circular" was apparently not used until after ML's death).  They dealt primarily with the planning and founding of the Seminary, as well as providing insight into ML's views of female education (see esp. nos. 7 and 8). The numbers attached to the circulars below indicate the ordering scheme applied to the series after ML's death.
"Circular 2"
("To the Friends and Patrons of Ipswich Female Seminary")
1834 Sept. 8
"Circular 1"
("Mount Holyoke Female Seminary: Address to the Christian Public")
1835 June 15
"Circular 3"
(Mount Holyoke Female Seminary : The Character of the Young Ladies...")
1835 Sept.
"Circular 4"
("Dear Madam - Wishing to Write to Yourself...")
1836 Nov.
"Circular 7" (version 1)
("General View of the Principles and Design of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary")
1837 Feb.
"Circular 5"
("Dear Sir - You Are Respectfully Invited...)
1837 Mar. 6
"Circular 7" (version 2)
("General View of the Principles and Design of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary")
1837 May
"Circular 6"
("Prospectus of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary")
1837 May 1
"Circular 8"
("Female Education")
1839 June
"Circular 9"
("Mount Holyoke Female Seminary - Preparation for Admission")
1840 Sept.
[NOTE: Circulars 10 and 11 were not authored by ML and so are not included in the Mary Lyon Collection]
"Circular 12"
("Candidates for Mount Holyoke Female Seminary")
Folder 2: "A Missionary Offering"
Boston: Crocker & Brewster 1843
Folder 3: "A Missionary Offering" - preservation photocopy 
[not scanned]
Folder 4: "A Missionary Offering" 
Three MS.  drafts in ML's handwriting
Folder 5: Excerpted writings in published form
The Inception of Mount Holyoke College: Portions of letters written by Mary Lyon, between the years 1831 and 1837. 19--
The Mary Lyon Year Book 1895
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (Old South Leaflet No. 145) 
A reissue of "Circular 3" (see Folder 1 above), appended by a reissue of "The Character of Mary Lyon" by Edward Hitchcock, 1850

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