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Granby, November 16, 1836 

My dear Miss Grant,

I should be exceedingly glad of that $80, which is my due, if you can conveniently let me have it. I will just tell you the case. The building committee had a meeting a few days since to look over their funds, which are immediately available. They have a large amount Of money to make out this month, & it is besides of the utmost importance that they purchase the lumber immediately. I urged this very much. They are to have a meeting again a week from Monday. The truth is it is very slow getting the money here which is now due, & I have some fear, that Dea. Porter, who says he can generally find money to hire but that he cannot now, & who by the way is the only man who can bear any part of this burden in this part of the business, that will lift a little finger, I fear that when Dea. Porter finds how things stand & how many of the subscriptions have not come in, that he will be discouraged, & feel that his associates put all on him. Mr. Hawks would be glad to borrow some to advance in behalf of the subscribers on money now due. I am going to undertake to raise some & lend to him. This is the use I want to make of the $80. Mr. Hawks & myself will be in quite another direction before the time of the meeting. I have therefore committed the acct to Mr. Tyler, who is a very safe confidential man. If you can conveniently send it, you may just send a check to Rev. William Tyler, South Hadley Canal, & just state that it is sent by my request & he will understand.

I want to give you a history of what I am trying to do. I am here & under the wing of a very efficient lady am looking up &collecting some subscriptions which have been due here so long, that they are almost considered as outlawed. I shall write again soon & tell you Of some of the ludicrous things which I am trying to do. You may write, &direct to Northampton till you hear from me again.

Affectionately yours, 
Mary Lyon 

Your letter will of course, as trust reach Mr. next week so that he will have it before the meeting. You must send it from Ipswich as early as Thurs. It would be better to have it sent earlier so that Mr. Tyler would have time to send it &get the money.

Can you say to Miss Clarissa Eastman that I am staying with her aunt Harvey Eastman a few days, & that she sends her love. That young lady has been at Westfield, but was not satisfied with the school & left for Ipswich. Many things were said to her in Westfield to discourage her going. I hope & trust that she will now be satisfied.

finding aidoriginal