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Norton, Tues. A.M. Oct. 27, [1835] 

My dear Miss Grant,

It has occurred to me, that you might have young ladies come to Ipswich without application whom you cannot receive, & whom you would be glad to send directly here, provided you knew that there were any vacancies here. Miss Caldwell has had several failures within the last week, so that there are now three vacancies in the boarding houses, that it is desirable to fill. Besides she may yet have other failures as several have not yet arrived whom she expects.

Miss Reed & Miss Hunt arrived last evening. I think it will be a very good place for Miss Hunt here this winter. The scholars are older than they were in the summer.

I design to go to Ipswich on Thurs. or Friday unless I receive a letter from you leading me to alter my decision. I have thought of you very much since we separated. I greatly fear that all the trying questions which are now taxing your mental energies, besides the care of the school just now at the commencement, will be more than you can sustain. May the Lord give you strength equal to your wants, & may he give you wisdom from on high to guide your thoughts, your views of things, & your present important decisions.

When all human help & human wisdom fail, & all knowledge of future events, as connected with present causes, & present actions, seems entirely cut off, how sweet it is to go to One, who knows all from the beginning to the end - to One who can direct our very thoughts, & who can take us individually by the hand, & lead us in a plain path. Everything appears to me as dark as Egyptian darkness, only as I turn my thoughts to Him, who is the fountain of light. I dare not pray for anything in particular, only that the will of the Lord may be done-that all interested in this new institution may be so humble, &so submissive, that his will towards this enterprize may be done, as it is done towards those on whom he smiles, & not as it is done towards those whom he chastens & afflicts. My daily feeling is "Lord thou knowest - not my will O God but thine be done."

How often have I endeavored to consecrate all the part, all the interests, which God has given me in this contemplated institution, most sacredly & solemnly to his service, & how often have I endeavored to pray, that every one, who had any thing to do in building up this institution, may never call aught his own. O that every one, who puts a finger to the work, by giving the smallest contribution of time - of money - or of influence, might feel that this is a work of solemn consecration - a work to be reviewed by the light of eternity. May the Lord so direct all, who shall bear a part in forming the character of this institution, that no considerations, shall have any influence except those, which will bear the scrutiny of eternity.

For a few weeks past, I have thought a little too much about
gaining the approbation of the wise & good towards the cause
pursued in the institution, compared with my desires that everything connected with the institution may receive the approbation of GOD. My first desires for the proposed change, were too much for the sake of receiving for us, the approbation of the wise & good on earth. I have feared that this might receive the chastening hand of God towards the institution, & that the means of promoting a desirable object might become the means of exactly the reverse effect. I do hope that my views are more single. Let the will of the Lord be done. And the approbation of Heaven gained, whatever we receive from the hand of man.

Truly yours,
Mary Lyon

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