To Joseph Felt.

Original in the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Transcribed from a photograph.

Ipswich, March 9, 1835
Mr. Felt, 

I received your communication this morning. I regret that you are not going to Amherst this week, but I doubt not that you understand the [reasons?], & that they are sufficient. I know too little, to be very anxious about any measures to promote the object. 

I shall be happy to accept the kind invitation of yourself & Mrs. Felt to stop at your house. I shall calculate to pass two nights at your house - Wednes. & Thurs. which will allow time to visit at Charlestown as you propose. I shall be very glad to avail myself of this opportunity. 

Much love to Mrs. Felt. 

Respectfully yours, 

Mary Lyon 

Probably I shall go to Boston in the morning stage on Wed.