Mary Lyon to Joseph Felt.

Original in the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Transcribed from a photograph.

Ipswich, March 5, 1835
Mr. Felt, 

I have received a return from Prof. Hitchcock. He hopes you will go there & spend two or three weeks without fail. Mr. Heard & Mr. Choate also approve of this plan. I have delayed writing to you because I have been disappointed in seeing Mr. Choate till today. I want to spend a little more time here than I anticipated. It would accommodate me to leave Boston for Amherst next week on Thursday. Would that be as convenient a day for yourself as any other? Will you have the goodness to write and let me know? If that day will not be convenient for yourself, will you mention a day as near Thurs. as will suit your convenience? I did mean to request you to ask Mr. Tracy to strike off 20 extra copies of the Recorder containing those articles of Prof. Hitchcock, & send each bundle weekly to Miss Grant here. Will you have goodness to request him to send the first here by stage, if they are done. If we cannot have copies of the first number, we shall not want the second. 

Prof. Hitchcock agrees with us about the expediency of making a simultaneous effort. What should you think of employing a layman as our agent? Would not Mr. Choate of Essex do well; if he should devote several months to the business till he becomes experienced? Mr. Heard thinks highly of his ability for such a work, if his health would allow of his engaging in such a labor. 

Much love to Mrs. Felt. 

      Respectfully yours, 

      Mary Lyon