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Ipswich, Feb. 25, 1834 [1835]. Wed. P.M. 

My dear Miss Caldwell,

I have but 10 minutes to write but I want to send by this mail. At Norton I settled it that you were not to board with the scholars. But Mrs. Wheaton's particularity, & excessive fear of a speck of dirt, makes me afraid that you could not be comfortable. I have just been talking about it with Miss Grant, & she thinks it would be vastly more trying to you than to board in the boarding house, & I am nearly of her opinion. Now I will do what I can for you & will you have it now that you will board with the scholars. It must be known before the notice goes into the paper, & I want to hear from you by the very first mail. There will be room for only 16 scholars, in the house, & if you & I are there only 14. Miss Caldwell [sic] says the circumstances will be favorable & you will do well. I am inclined to think that we have made the subject more formidable of you boarding with the scholars. I am half inclined to think that I shall feel happier to leave you in the boarding house. Now will you be willing that Miss Grant & I should look this over & have you board at the boarding house if we think best.

Affectionately yours,
Mary Lyon

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