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Zilpah P. Grant Banister Papers

    Series B: Writings, 1820-1874 

5 folders.
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Series Description

The writings include a notebook kept by Banister while a student at Byfield Female Seminary in 1820; several essays on teaching, including a published essay entitled "Hints on Education"; and two autobiographical sketches. Essays are primarily religiously founded, with many Bible lessons and stories of salvation. Teaching methods for arithmetic, grammar, geography, intellectual philosophy, reading, geometry, history, botany, and natural philosophy are outlined. Reports concerning progress at Ipswich Seminary are also included.
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Folder 1 1820-1835
click to view Notebook at the Byfield Seminary 1820
click to view To the Executive Committee of the Adams Female Seminary (Derry, NH) 1826 July 25
click to view Fragment: "Absence includes all the time..." [1828?]
click to view "Success in Teaching" [ca. 1828-1835]
click to view "For Teachers of Ipswich Seminary" [ca. 1828-1835]
Folder 2 1830-1835
click to view "Arguments For and Against Miss Grant's Uniting with Miss Beecher" [1830]
click to view "Quench Not the Spirit" 1830
click to view Paper on calisthetics [ca. 1830]
click to view Paper on the need of elementary education [1834?]
click to view Suggestions for teachers in the Ipswich Female Seminary [ca. 1835]
click to view "Character of Ipswich Seminary" 1835
click to view Report made to the Hon. William P. Banister, the head of the Society for the Education of Females in Ipswich female seminary , on the accomplishments of the seminary's graduates [1835]
Folder 3 1836-1855
click to view "That something needs to be done to educate the juvenile populations of the West and South..." [ca. 1836]
click to view Benefits of female education
From: Ipswitch Female Seminary Records, Series A, General Material, Folder 1
1836 April
click to view An account of the influence of a Bible given in Boston to a French soldier expelled from Nova Scotia 1842 Aug. 30
click to view Note (recipient's name is illegible) [1844?] April 11
click to view "Avoid all kinds of food of indigestible quality..." 1848
click to view "Some of Miss Lyon's excellencies as an educator..." [1849 July 17]
click to view Constitution of a society for religious improvement [ca. 1849]
click to view An account of her history as a teacher, her association with Joseph Emerson and Mary Lyon, and the origin of Mount Holyoke seminary. [ca. 1849]
click to view Fragment: "You are hardly away, dear Miss White, before I am pursuing you with my pen. ..." 1850 May 29
click to view Fragment: "It refreshes my spirit to hold communication with laborers of so excellent a charachter, ..." 1852 Sept. 7
click to view "This work of sending the gospel to heathen women is a blessed work..." [ca. 1855]
Folder 4 1856
click to view Familiar lecture from Professor St. John in parlor [1856 Feb. 27]
click to view Notes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1856 Oct. 11
click to view Hints on Education: Extracts from Letters 1856
Folder 5 1858-1874
click to view Bible lesson prepared for the last sabbath in the year 1858 1858 Dec. 27
click to view "Could there be such humiliation..." [ca. 1860]
click to view From the lips of Lewis Tappan, Esq. 1865
click to view Notes 1867 April 26 - May 13
click to view The American Writing Book [1869]
click to view "Paul in his first Epis. to the Corinthians reproached them very sharply..." 1872 June 6
click to view "That's expressed in conversations" 1872 June 7
click to view List of letters 1872 Aug 27
click to view Memoranda in regard to Zilpah P. Grant Banister's early life n.d.


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